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Can an umbrella without black glue protect against sun

Summer umbrella is the most basic sunscreen equipment for women, so how to buy an umbrella with good sunshade effect? This depends on whether the sunscreen umbrella has a black glue coating, so what about the sunscreen effect of the black glue umbrella? How to make sure there is no layer for sunscreen? Let's take a look.

Is an umbrella without black glue sun proof

It has sunscreen function, but it has little effect. Summer sunscreen in addition to the application of sunscreen is to support the sun umbrella, the general umbrella at home has sunscreen function?

1. When choosing sunshade umbrella, we should pay attention to choose the umbrella with dense fabric, and the umbrella with sparse fabric will have poor UV resistance, so consumers should purchase it carefully.

2. Most of the fabric on the umbrella surface has shrinkage characteristics. When choosing a sunshade, the umbrella surface should be large rather than small.

3. The color of umbrella surface is closely related to the UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the shade, the better the UV performance. For example, the UV resistance of black, blue and other colors is much better than that of light blue, light yellow, light green and other colors.

4. Before purchasing, you should carefully look at the UV protection level index. The higher the index, the better the sunscreen effect. If the index is more than 30, it is qualified. Greater than 50 is the best.

How to judge whether the umbrella has black glue

1. Ordinary silver glue: the earliest and primary UV resistant fabric is brushed on the ordinary fabric, which plays the role of sun protection. The disadvantage is that the silver glue on the umbrella surface is easy to fall off and the sun protection effect is general. UPF> 30%

2. Ultra fine densified silver glue: it is an upgraded version of ordinary silver glue, which is not easy to fall off. UPF> 35%

3. Pearl glue: brush on the umbrella surface, shining silver in the sun, general sun protection, easy to fall off, UPF & gt; 30%

4. Double sided silver tape: it can be called the peerless double pride. For example, the snow and moon of paradise umbrella, zero transmittance, 100% UV protection, 41% cooling effect. The typical UV umbrella with super sun protection function in the paradise umbrella. UPF=100%

5. Double sided color adhesive: inner silver adhesive, umbrella surface is the color adhesive with advanced technology and gorgeous color. Not easy to fall off. Is the new generation of peerless double pride. UPF=100%

6. Black glue: umbrella face or leopard print, or color pattern, with black glue inside, sun protection function is better than silver glue. UPF> 50%

7. Crystal glue: ultra thin fabric, ultra strong UV protection, looks like natural marble. No fading. UPF> 99%

8. Titanium color glue: imported fabric. It is the most advanced sunscreen fabric in the world, ultra-thin, environmentally friendly, 99% UV resistant. The cooling effect is very good. The umbrella surface is made of dense molecules and has the function of strong water repellent. The umbrella surface is titanium metal color, bright and dazzling, noble and pressing. UPF> 99%

Sunscreen umbrella recommendation

1. Banana umbrella, also known as the super hot little black umbrella, is the same type with many stars, such as Yang idempotent. It is the first time that it can effectively block the l.r.c [expression] coating layer of UVA to be used on the umbrella cloth. Professional sunscreen with super design umbrella face, Taobao has a flagship store, the price is between 100-300.

2. Justmode is the so-called modern umbrella. And the modern umbrella is the modern umbrella with the most beautiful quality and more matching. Like the name, the umbrella design is super modern and has a great brand sense. It is similar to many designs of small black umbrella, but some sweet potatoes say that the texture of this umbrella is worse than that of banana.

3. WPC, Japanese WPC sunscreen umbrella with super fire on little red book, with UV protection and UV refraction rate of more than 90%, is designed and compared with Japanese small fresh, super suitable for sweet girls. Xiaohong book is on sale. When I saw it, there was a discount. However, it is easy to break the umbrella bone with the comment of little sweet potato.