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Women playing selfie in the changing room of the swimming pool

Women playing selfie in the changing room of the swimming pool in summer, many people choose to go to places with water for summer vacation. Swimming and playing with water have become a hot project. But don't forget to protect your privacy when you play. Recently, a woman in a swimming pool in Taizhou took a selfie in the dressing room, and many naked people in the dressing room were photographed in the video. Many people's privacy was violated, causing public anger , let's see the details below!

It turns out that in a swimming pool in Jingjiang, Taizhou City, a woman held up her mobile phone to take a video directly in the changing room of the swimming pool. Originally, she just took a selfie in the mirror, but after two seconds, the picture turned around, and her lens swept to other people who were changing clothes. Some people who were taking a shower were also photographed!

The girl who broke the news with Xiaobian was very unhappy, because she and her friends often went to the swimming pool, and suddenly saw such a video in wechat. Many people in the video were filmed without knowing it, and the video also spread out. She said she felt that her privacy had been violated.

Indeed, the camera pixels of mobile phones are getting higher and higher. In many public places, people can see someone playing selfie with their mobile phones, which makes many people worry about their privacy rights being violated. For which public places should be forbidden to shoot, the state has no relevant laws and regulations, public bathrooms, public changing rooms and other places are not clear about the regulations and penalties. In these places, we must pay attention to self-protection and guard against someone taking photos by themselves. This article is edited by and reprinted to indicate the source. The original link is: if you are in the mirror when you encounter your disheveled or naked body, you can ask the other party to delete the photo. If the other party refuses to delete it, you can call 110 for help Some lawyers said that, to some extent, it infringes upon the privacy and portrait rights of others when photographers take pictures of others as background. Assuming that photographers use these pictures for profit-making, extortion, etc., they can be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances, and even criminal detention can be carried out if the circumstances are serious.

In fact, in addition to the ability to take photos with mobile phones in the dressing room, there is a hot topic recently: a mother in Zhejiang takes her 4-year-old son to swim alone, and the administrator does not allow the boy to enter the female dressing room. The woman said that she was scolded and cried. She questioned: Mom and her young son can't enter the swimming pool? The administrator said that there are rules in the swimming pool. Children over 3 years old can't enter the dressing room of the opposite sex. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link:

It's really a problem for mom to take the boys to swim alone, change clothes and take a bath. If possible, let the same-sex (dad, Grandpa, etc.) take them. Some parents will feel nothing, but other people's feelings are different, and other people's pointing and even different eyes have a certain impact on children. 2-5 years old is the formation period of children's character. Parents' negligence will affect the formation of children's good character and is not conducive to gender education.