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What is the cultural connotation of Sanxian dumplings

Sanxian dumpling is a classic dumpling, just like leek and egg dumpling, there is no one to be picky about, so what is the cultural meaning and historical origin of Sanxian dumpling? Let's get to know each other.

The cultural connotation of Sanxian dumplings

Dumplings became the dominant food custom of Chinese Spring Festival in Han Dynasty. After the great social unrest in the Warring States and Qin Dynasty, the policy of "recuperation" was carried out in the early Western Han Dynasty, social production was restored and developed, social order was stable, new year's Day was established, and dumplings were eaten on the first day of the first month. Eating dumplings is a unique way to express people's wishes of "praying for blessings" when they say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Jiaozi means' more year-old jiaozi '. Eating jiaozi during the Spring Festival is considered to be auspicious.

Dumplings have stuffing, filling heart content is varied, ever-changing. It's a kind of change and mystery to wrap three fresh dumplings around the table, put the face on the palm and put the stuffing on the round skin. It's a blessing. It's far more complicated and civilized than eating turkey by foreigners. Eat, the whole family around the hot dumplings, taste the grandmother, mother's hard work, experience the passage of time together. The warm and peaceful atmosphere sets off the sense of home. The appeal of family affection is much greater than the temptation of food. What we eat is not only delicious food, but also the enjoyment of family affection and maternal love.

Small three delicacies dumplings, which cover heaven and earth, and people's psychology of happiness, peace, auspiciousness and hope for the coming year, are the symbols of abundance and harvest in the new year. They are fully integrated with traditional Chinese culture, and also cast the soul of the Chinese nation's descendants, infiltrating into everyone's life.

The practice of three fresh dumplings

Many people like to eat dumplings with three fresh fillings. The traditional three fresh fillings include "meat, three fresh" (pork, shrimp, egg) and "vegetable, three fresh" (leek, egg, shrimp skin), but in fact, the nutrition of the three fresh fillings with meat and vegetable is more balanced. The best ratio of meat and vegetable can reach 1:1, and the meat is best three parts fat and seven parts thin. It's not difficult to make three fresh dumplings. Learn how to make three fresh dumplings and add a delicious meal to the dining table.

1. Wash the meat, peel it, cut it into small pieces and chop it into stuffing.

2. Add salt and spiced powder to the stuffing and mix well in one direction. (don't refuel at this time. I don't know what to think, so I'll add the oil.).

3. Wash shrimps. Wash and drain the leeks, cut them into small pieces. Add to the meat.

4. Pour the oil over the leek, and mix well.

5. Take out a piece of waking dough. Knead into a flat circle. Dig a hole in the middle and pull it into a long strip and put it on the panel. Press the long strip with both hands and rub it back and forth to form a large dosage.

6. Take a dumpling skin and add stuffing. Be sure to put two shrimps in each dumpling.

7. The dumplings are arranged on the curtain.

8. Boil the water in the pot and boil the dumplings. Push gently in one direction with a spoon, cover the pot and simmer. Pour in a little cold water after boiling. Open the pot again and pour in cold water. After boiling again, pull out the dumpling and press it on the dumpling. If you press it, it's not cooked. If you don't press the drum, you can turn off the fire and fish for dumplings.

Precautions for making three fresh dumplings: don't chop shrimp, leek itself has a special flavor. If you chop shrimp, it will cover the taste of shrimp, and you can't eat the taste of shrimp. If it's a prawn, cut it in half. Pour the oil on the leek when filling, so that the oil is less and the filling is still oily. If it is added to the meat, it will be sucked away by the meat, so the leek will be dry.

Introduction to Sanxian dumplings

'dumpling' is a traditional Chinese food with a long history and profound cultural heritage. It is called 'national food'. It is a necessary food for every family on the Chinese New Year's day. Sanxian dumplings are filled with leek, pork and shrimp. The skin of dumplings is hard, fragrant, smooth, and the meat is fresh, tender, and the vegetables are delicious.

Sanxian dumpling, as its name implies, is a kind of dumpling with Sanxian stuffing. Sanxian stuffing has the highest quality in the filling heart. Because of different materials, it can be divided into three kinds: pure Sanxian, meat Sanxian, semi Sanxian and vegetable Sanxian.

Clean three fresh stuffing: it is made of three kinds of high-grade seafood raw materials (such as fresh shellfish, sea cucumber, shrimp), processed, matched with fresh vegetables of good quality, and mixed with seasoning (the color or taste of seasoning should be light, so as to highlight the taste of seafood). Three fresh meat fillings: two kinds of high-grade seafood raw materials and one kind of meat (such as chicken, pork, etc.) are used. After being chopped, they are mixed together, with seasonal vegetables and seasonings. Half three fresh stuffing: it is made of pork, leek, egg and sea rice, with 60% pork and 40% other seasoning. Vegetable three fresh stuffing: cabbage, dried tofu, coriander, agaric, vermicelli, cauliflower as raw materials, and the most important is tofu milk and sesame oil.

With the development of the times, the "three" in the "three fresh stuffing" of the "three fresh dumplings" has become a general term, and stuffing made of four or five kinds of ingredients is also very common. It's better to change the filling of dumplings. You can choose one kind of meat, one kind of vegetable and one kind of fungus seafood, and you can also add an egg. Here we recommend a group of Collocations: thin meat filling, cabbage, shrimp, egg and mushroom.