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Is Kirin melon genetically modified? Is Kirin melon a ripening product

Kylin melon is loved by people because of its sweet, juicy seeds and few seeds. Therefore, there was no such variety before. Many people questioned whether kylin melon was genetically modified? Because Kirin melon has been on the market for a long time, is it ripening? Let's have a look.

Is Kirin melon genetically modified

Kirin melon is not genetically modified, but a new hybrid, and Kirin melon is sweet, juicy and nutritious, so you can eat it at ease.

Unicorn melon is a kind of watermelon. Xiaoqilin watermelon, formerly known as xql02, belongs to the early maturing yellow flesh watermelon variety. It is a wr06-11 & times; wr11-16 matching group of Nanjing Lihua Vegetable Research Institute. Jiangsu Zhongjiang Seed Industry Co., Ltd. applies for approval. This is a new breed of cultivated scientific research, which has very high requirements for the growth environment, soil and sunshine. However, it only takes about 60 days from planting to flowering, from flowering to harvest. Therefore, farmers in Wenzhou and Hainan are very happy to plant it, even though they pay attention to the cultivation, due to the short period, good taste and quick benefit.

The taste of Unicorn melon is particularly sweet, with a sweetness of 12. Put 67g of white sugar in the same amount of white water as watermelon juice, and its sweetness is tested as 12, that is to say, the sweetness is the same as eating Unicorn melon. You must not worry about eating such a sweet melon will be fat, watermelon belongs to monosaccharide, most of which can be absorbed by the human body.

Is Kirin melon ripening

Kylin melon is not ripened, but planted in a greenhouse, so it can be listed in April.

Although the ripening watermelon has red pulp, its seeds are still white and shriveled, which will not form a hard shell; however, the naturally mature watermelon will have black, full seeds and hard shell. However, there is a difference between the white seed watermelon and the white seed watermelon caused by ripening. The white seed watermelon is not ripened and can be eaten at ease. In addition, the ripening watermelon may be deformed due to the uneven spraying or absorption of pesticides, such as the asymmetry of the two ends, the middle depression, the expansion of the head and tail, etc., with large color spots or color differences on the surface. Normal watermelon should be spherical or oval, and the surface is smooth.

How to choose kylin melon

To distinguish the authenticity of the unicorn melon, first of all, we need to understand the unit weight of the unicorn melon. The weight of each Unicorn melon is usually no less than 5 jin, no more than 10 jin. Second, look at the knife to cut the lines. The unicorn melon will naturally crack and the lines will be curved if it is cut all the way. Finally, the taste of the unicorn melon is sweet and crisp, which is difficult to compare with other watermelon varieties.