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Can lotus petals be eaten? How to eat lotus petals

Lotus blooms in midsummer at the right time. About three or five friends appreciate lotus is the best summer activity. Lotus is loved by people. It is not only of high and clean quality, but also has a long body and treasure. Its roots, leaves and seeds can be eaten. Of course, the petals of Lotus can also be eaten. How to eat the petals of lotus? Let's get to know.

Is lotus petal edible

You can eat. Lotus not only has a high ornamental value, petals can also eat Oh! I believe many of my friends are surprised to hear this. Yes, there are many ways to make lotus petals. The most famous way to eat lotus petals is to fry them. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that lotus, lotus seed, lotus clothing, Lotus House, lotus whisker, lotus heart, lotus leaf, lotus stem, lotus root Festival, etc. can be used for medicine. Lotus can promote blood circulation and stop bleeding, remove dampness and wind, clear heart and cool blood, relieve heat and detoxification. Lotus seed can nourish heart, kidney, spleen and astringent intestines. Lianxu can clear the heart, benefit the kidney, astringent essence, stop bleeding, relieve heat and trouble, and promote body fluid and thirst. Lotus leaf can clear away heat and dampness, promote Yang and stop bleeding, lose weight and lose weight. The ingredients of lotus leaf are very effective for cleaning stomach, reducing fat and removing blood stasis. Lotus root knot can stop bleeding, disperse blood stasis and relieve heat toxin. Lotus stem can clear away heat, relieve summer heat, ventilate water, relieve fire and clear heart.

Fried lotus petals

'soft fried Lotus' is a dish with novel ingredients and beautiful dishes. It is made of fresh lotus petals, wrapped with egg white paste, fried and sprinkled with rouge sugar. The dish is light and elegant in color, red in white, soft and fragrant, sweet and refreshing. It is often used as the fresh beet in summer feast.

Main ingredient: 5 large white lotus flowers, about 150g.

Seasoning: 100g egg white starch, 50g carmine sugar, 1000g pig oil (about 30g).

(1) Choose 30 petals of even size from 5 lotus flowers, trim the corners, wash and cool them in the dish.

(2) In the frying pan, put the pig cooking oil on the medium heat. When it's 40% hot, hang a layer of paste in the egg white starch one by one, fry it in the oil pan until it's soft, take it out, put it in the pan, set it up, and sprinkle with Rouge.

There were food records in ancient times, and there were even special lotus dishes in Thailand. With flowers as the food, the cooking process is very romantic. According to the old man who sells lotus, it's really delicious to fry and sprinkle sugar!

What is the shape of lotus petals

The shape of Lotus can be divided into saucer, bowl, cup, ball, fold ball and flying.

1. Dish shape: the flower is regular and the petals are flat like a dish when they are in full bloom;

2. Bowl shape: the flower shape is also more regular, and the petals slightly hug like a bowl when they are in full bloom;

3. Cup shape: the petals are long and stand like a cup when they are in full bloom;

4. Ball: like a ball in full bloom;

5. Laminated globular: petals are layered and bulged like a ball when they are in full bloom;

6. Flying: when the petals are in full bloom, some of them are inclined, some are drooping, elegant and unrestrained, showing flying posture.