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What is the latest strange bug of Samsung mobile phone? Send photos to contacts randomly

Recently, many foreign media reported that some foreign users' Samsung mobile phone information system had strange bugs and randomly sent photos to their contacts. What's the situation? What is the cause? Now let's take you to the Samsung mobile phone and find out the strange bug: unconsciously randomly send photos to contacts

According to foreign media reports, recently, a number of Samsung mobile phone users reported that strange bugs appeared after Samsung's messages application was updated, and some mobile phones would randomly send photos to contacts without users' knowledge.

Some users reported that the photos had been sent by themselves before, and others said that the entire album had been sent.

A user posted at the reddit forum said that his S9 + sent the entire album to his girlfriend when he slept at night. PS. if you see pictures that you should not see, the consequences

'at about 2:30 last night, my mobile phone sent out the whole album, and there was no record in the messages app. But it's recorded in T-Mobile's carrier logs. Why is this happening? "

It is understood that the models of the bug are concentrated in S9 series and note 8, and there are not many other mobile phones for the time being.

According to foreign media Android police, the problem is almost certain to be caused by the latest Samsung messages update. If you haven't updated, it's best not to use the app for now. For users who have been updated, here is a temporary solution: disable the storage permission of Samsung messages and prohibit them from accessing the mobile album. You can do this in the settings - & gt; applications - & gt; Samsung messages - & gt; permissions - & gt; store.

We hope Samsung can fix this problem as soon as possible.