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Is the new mat washed? Does the new mat contain formaldehyde

The mat is the same as the bed sheet, which is the object that directly contacts the skin, and belongs to the bedding that has been contacted for a long time. So the mat just bought contains no formaldehyde? Do you need cleaning? Let's have a look.

Do you have formaldehyde in the new mat

The newly bought mat has formaldehyde more or less, so you should smell it first when you buy it. If the smell is pungent, the formaldehyde content should be high.

It's hard to say which brand has or doesn't have adhesive. When making the mat, it may use adhesive. If the adhesive is excessive or doesn't meet the requirements, it is easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. In addition, in order to prevent the mat from mildew and achieve the anti-corrosion effect, some manufacturers soak the bamboo in the chemical liquid, resulting in excessive adhesion of adhesive, and then formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

Some bamboo mat and rattan mat manufacturers, in order to increase the glossiness of the mat, may brush a layer of paint or clear oil on its surface, resulting in formaldehyde in the mat.

It is suggested that you should smell the mat before you buy it. If the mat smells pungent, it may contain harmful substances. After purchase, the mat can be soaked in warm water for about 40 minutes, then dried and exposed to the sun, which can effectively remove formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Do you want to wash the new mat

The new mat needs cleaning.

1. For the newly purchased mat, first mix some detergent with 80 ℃ warm water, and carefully wipe the front with towel; then wipe it with warm water for several times, and then air dry it.

2. In summer, the human body often sweats, and dandruff and dust are easy to hide in the gap of the mat. Therefore, in the process of using the mat, it is necessary to wash it frequently and dry it naturally.

3. Do not expose to the sun for a long time to prevent the wire from becoming brittle and easy to break.

The storage method of the mat is as follows:

1. First, wipe the sweat stains on the bamboo mat with warm towel several times;

2. Use 3-5% light salt water to rub the front and back sides of the mat several times, which can not only kill some insects and bacteria, but also keep the mat moist and prevent drying;

3. It is better to dry in the dry and hot weather, avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent the wire from becoming brittle and easy to break;

4. When collecting, it is better to fold it into a bag.