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What are the symptoms of pregnant women in the days before delivery? What are the precautions before for pregnant women, the most worrying thing is that they don't know when to give birth. No matter the first pregnant woman or the experienced mother, they will be at a loss when to give birth. In fact, pregnant women have certain signs before delivery. Familiar with these symptoms combined with their own situation, so pregnant women probably have some psychological preparation. So what are you looking for a few days before delivery? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Let's first look at the signs in the days before delivery

1. Increased contractions

Contractions are the most obvious sign of the first few days of labor! If there is a regular and gradual increase in contractions, it is a sign of childbirth. Remind: mother to be should distinguish true and false contractions, avoid excessive panic leading to accidents yo!

2. Start to see red

When the cervix opens slowly, the vagina will discharge a small amount of mucus with blood. And a small amount of light blood, pregnant mothers can stay home to observe, if blood more than menstrual volume, and accompanied by abdominal pain, should go to hospital.

3. Increasing abdominal pain

Labor pains are also one of the symptoms of several days before childbirth, because the movement of the fetus will squeeze the birth canal, making the expectant mother feel the labor pains, and the time interval of labor pains is gradually shorter, so be ready to have a baby!

4. Belly down

When the baby is about to give birth, it starts to move down so that the mother to be will feel like her belly is falling. Don't panic if this happens. It's telling you that you are going to have a baby!

5. Discharge mucus

The parturient uterus will be opened to a greater extent, so the vaginal secretions will increase, generally white and sticky. Vaginal mucus increase mother to pay attention to, it is likely that the baby will be born Oh!

6. Amniotic fluid rupture

To master the signs a few days before childbirth, the expectant mother has to say that the amniotic fluid is splitting, which is also the signal light of childbirth. In order to let the fetal uterus open gradually, the pressure in the uterine cavity also increases, causing rupture of the fetal membrane, thus amniotic fluid begins to flow out.

7. Reduction of fetal movement

The position of the fetus about to be born will be relatively stable, and it will not move around as before. Therefore, the number of fetal movements that the expectant mother can feel will be reduced. Don't worry, it is also one of the signs that indicates the delivery.

8. Lumbago and backache

If the expectant mother feels low back pain when she is close to the due date, she should start to prepare for delivery. The decreasing pressure of the fetus will compress the nerves in the pelvis, resulting in back pain, cramps and other phenomena.

9. Want to go to the toilet

The desire of expectant mothers to go to the toilet will be more intense when they are about to give birth, because the fetus starts to move down and oppress the bladder, thus reducing the urine storage capacity of the bladder, so the urine will increase.

10. Kidney compression

Because of the innervation in the uterus, there will be a fuzzy sense of compression in the kidney area (slightly above the back waist), so this phenomenon will appear when the fetus is about to be born, which is also one of the symptoms of the days before labor.

Then let's find out what women need to pay attention to before giving birth

1 avoid loneliness

In general, pregnant women will have a certain degree of tension before giving birth. At this time, they very much hope to have encouragement and support from people, especially from their husbands. Therefore, as a husband, he should spend as much time with his wife as possible before she gives birth, and take care of her food, drink and daily life, so that she can feel that you are meeting the test with her. This is the husband's best help for his wife's childbirth.

2 avoid hunger.

Parturient women expend a lot of physical strength in childbirth. Therefore, the parturient must be satisfied and eat well before giving birth. At this time, the family should try to make the parturient eat more nutritious and digestible food, and avoid entering the delivery room without eating anything.

3 avoid going far.

Generally, it is not suitable to travel far after the first half month of the expected delivery date, especially by car or boat. Because all conditions are limited during the journey, it is very dangerous to have a dystocia once the delivery occurs, and it may be safe for the mother and the child.

Avoid drug abuse

Delivery is a normal physiological activity, generally does not need medication, and there is no drug that can reduce the abdominal pain of the puerpera. Therefore, pregnant women and their relatives must not abuse drugs on their own, let alone inject oxytocin randomly, so as to avoid serious consequences.