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Why are you still single? How to improve your flirting skills quickly

Why are you still single? Want to know why you are still single? Look at it single. The editor teaches you to improve your flirting skills quickly

1. Be confident. No matter how ugly you look or how poor you are, you must be confident. Maybe the girl you like just likes you. So before pursuing a girl, be confident. 2. Don't think that rich or handsome girls can catch up with all the girls. Girls with moral character will appreciate your connotation more. So when you get along with each other, you should show your accomplishment and demeanor. 3. Don't be arrogant. Don't show your advantages and capital everywhere. This will give people a sense of frivolity. Don't brag. Girls are not fools. They can see your advantages. Girls like boys with depth. 4. Being cultivated and connotative doesn't mean that you give up your personality, but now the boys with personality will fascinate the girls, but the performance of this personality should be well controlled, and don't draw a tiger into a dog. 5. Be generous. Even if you don't have money, don't be so stingy in front of the girl you like. It's not to call you extravagant, but don't be fussy. Of course, many girls still like rich boys, but I've never seen such kitsch girls. 6. In pursuit of beauty, I will definitely pay a lot, and I will not get a return. But don't talk about what you did for her all day because you paid so much, which will make them look down on you. On the surface, a girl will not make any changes to your efforts, but she is still very happy inside. What you do for her, she will remember. Try to keep the style of no complaint! 7. Some people say don't give girls gifts casually. I don't agree with this point. I think it's necessary to give them gifts, do more for them, girls with conscience will feel indebted to you, and won't have the heart to refuse your date, etc., so as to get along with them. Of course, the premise of gifts is that the girl should have a good feeling for you. 8. The purpose of our pursuit of girls is to make them fall in love with themselves, so we should do the same as Zhang Guorong in "love stands in Okinawa": always turn around in front of Faye Wong, not to see Faye Wong, but to let Faye Wong see him. We should learn to show our advantages!

9. Learn to say sweet words. Although everyone knows that sweet words are charming, girls love to hear them. Don't be afraid of nausea. Act. I know it's fake, but I have to say it. 10. Women are proud to please themselves. So we should always praise them. Even if they are ugly like Zhao Benshan, we should also say that she looks like a fairy. They don't necessarily believe it, but they must be very happy. 11. Learn to do romantic things. Remember, any girl likes romance, even if she is very serious. Once I lit a heart with a candle under my ex girlfriend's dormitory. Many people think I'm shameless, but I win the heart of beauty. 12. Men are not bad, women do not love. When you are very familiar with it, it will make girls happy to play a little bit of bad heart, say some naughty words and move their hands. Don't be such a gentleman all the time, it will give people a sense of being a mu Na. 13. Don't hurt your rival in front of her. We should show magnanimity and be insidious! Boasting about your rival properly will make her appreciate you more. 14. be careful, pay attention to her usual words, and give her a surprise suddenly. For example, when I was chasing a girl, she casually said that the shoes were a bit cramped the night before. The next day, I went to the city in the rain to buy her a new pair of shoes. She was greatly moved. 15. If you want to be her boyfriend, you must make friends with her friends. Buy her friends. When you are not successful, it must be her good friends who accompany her. If her good friends speak good words for you, you will be twice as successful. This will also help to understand her character and little by little. 16. Be persistent. When you ask her out, she may refuse you for the first time, but don't give up. You should change the law to ask her out, and take the initiative to ask her out whenever you have a chance. Every date should make her feel good about you, make her feel happy, and there will be more opportunities for dating in the future. 17. Keep going in and out. You can study with her in a self-study room for 4 or 5 days in a row. You can text and call her for 3 or 4 days in a row, but suddenly it's cold for one or two days. You can lose her appetite properly, which makes her feel inseparable from you. 18. In fact, the best way to use it, which everyone loves to use, is to make friends with her first, so that you have more opportunities for performance and success. But what a lot of people can't do well is to get along with each other too well, which will make them feel nothing about you. So let you be her friend, not your friend. Try to show all your advantages, but don't show your past and your thoughts easily. Only by leaving a little mystery can you be more charming. 19. Be ambitious. Even if you don't like learning, you should show your ambition in front of her. And in the process of getting along, to show your shrewdness and ability, girls in this era will not like wimps and ordinary men.

20. Don't show her that she doesn't marry, but let her feel that you are very important to her, so that she can't leave you. If we meet a girl who likes to lose a boy, we will lose a lot. 21. We can't find out her likes and personalities in the contact place. At this time, you need to show a little mystery so that she doesn't know you. When you know her, no matter what she wears or her personality, she will immediately become the kind of boy she likes. 22. Have a sense of humor, but don't be too poor. Don't tell a joke for several times. Humor doesn't make you only tell jokes. But I don't know how to have a sense of humor. I'm poor anyway. 23. When you feel that there is no hope for her, you can give up a period of time, give the other party space to think, and also give yourself time to re-examine yourself. Make a new plan to appear in front of her. This is called retreat for progress. 24. You can cheat her, but don't let her know that you cheat her, or you will be finished. It depends on your level of lying. Of course, it's better to be honest!