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What to do when the camera memory card is locked many photographers will lock their camera memory card when using the camera. How can we solve this problem? Let's learn about it next.

Camera memory card

The memory cards commonly used by digital cameras, digital cameras and cameras are mainly secure digital referred to as SD card, memory stick referred to as memory stick, compact flash referred to as CF card, smart media card referred to as smcard, multi memory card referred to as MMC card and XD picture card referred to as XD card.

CF card and SD card are commonly used in digital cameras, memory stick is mainly used in Sony's digital cameras, and XD card is mainly used in Fuji and Olympus's digital cameras. From the actual comparison of read and write performance, the difference of average read performance of different specifications of memory card is not very obvious. In essence, if the memory card and camera are not matched properly, not only will they spend a lot of money to buy useless functions, but also the improper combination will not give full play to their best performance.

What to do if the camera memory card is locked? 1. Take the memory card out of the camera, take photos with the camera's own memory, replay and delete it to see if the camera can operate normally. If everything is OK, it's not a camera problem.

2. Select "reset" in the settings to restore the camera to the factory settings. This operation will not affect the camera. If the camera memory card is still locked, it is recommended to replace the memory card.

3. If the old memory card of the camera can be used in the card reader, it can be used as a U-disk to store other files, especially for the storage of some precious photos, so the memory card of the camera must be read normally.

4. Today's camera memory cards are not expensive, about 100 yuan can buy 4G large capacity cards. It is recommended to choose a large brand of memory card, such as Kingston, SanDisk, etc. the quality and after-sales service are more guaranteed.

Precautions for using the camera memory card 1. Insert the card in place

When inserting the card, the force should be even, and the card should pay attention to the orientation. For a certain type of memory card, the digital camera can only be installed in the specified orientation. When installing the CF card, you must wait until the memory card release key on the camera pops up. Make sure the switch is closed after installation.

2. Take out with care

When the digital camera is not used for a long time, take out the memory card. For the kind of memory card that can only be taken out by pressing the release key, special care should be taken when taking out the card, because the card is easy to pop out and avoid falling on the ground.

3. Data transfer

When the data in the memory card of the digital camera is full, the data in it should be transferred to the computer or digital companion as soon as possible to reduce the risk of data loss due to the damage of the memory card.

4. Careful formatting

When formatting the digital camera memory card, pay attention to the use of "delete all" function, delete all images on the memory card, and do not open the cover of the memory card bin on the digital camera or close the digital camera during processing. Do not format the memory card on the computer; too much formatting can also damage the memory card.

5. Collect and prevent heavy pressure

Do not apply heavy pressure on the memory card of the digital camera, do not bend the memory card, and avoid the memory card falling and being hit. Some users will place the memory card at will after taking it out, such as in the wallet, which is easy to deform or even break the memory card due to external force. It is best to keep the memory card in an antistatic bag or a special storage box.