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How to make up the baby's birth certificate to welcome a new life is a great happiness for parents. While immersed in joy, there are many things that new parents worry about, especially the birth certificate. More careless parents will accidentally lose their baby's birth certificate. Birth certificate is the certificate that every baby (citizen) should be issued to prove the birth date, place, name, gender, weight, height, blood type, baby number, birth number, birth certificate number, health status, delivery doctor and other birth certificates. Birth certificate is one of the valid certificates for a baby to declare his / her household registration.

How to make up the birth certificate

Generally, there are only three steps to reissue a birth certificate: first, to declare in a newspaper; second, to apply for reissue to the county (District) level health administrative department where the original issuing institution is located; third, to bring the reissue application form to the health administrative department or designated unit for reissue. The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. The birth certificate before the announcement in the mainstream media has been cancelled.

2. With the stated newspaper, apply to the county (District) health administrative department where the original issuing institution is located for reissue, and fill in the reissue application form of birth medical certificate. When the original issuing agency confirms the truth, it will issue the birth information of the newborn and the copy of the original "birth medical certificate".

3. Take the reissue application form to the administrative department of health or the designated unit for reissue. When the reissue institution verifies the confirmation information, it will reissue the birth medical certificate for it.

The following materials shall be submitted when applying for reissue:

(1) Application form for reissue of birth medical certificate;

(2) Issuing institution's birth information and photocopy of the original birth medical certificate stub;

(3) Original ID cards of both parents;

(4) Lost statement of birth medical certificate published in mainstream media;

(5) If the newborn has not yet settled down, it is also necessary to provide the certificate issued by the household registration organ of the Public Security Bureau of the place where the parents have their household registration.

Note: the applicant must be the parent of the newborn. If they are not parents, they must hold the power of attorney issued by the parents of the newborn notarized by the notary office. The local "birth medical certificate" management organization shall review the materials, reissue the "birth medical certificate" and register for the record.