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Some suggestions for the 20-year-old

1. Study hard.

At 20, it's the best stage in your life for you to use your brain and study efficiently. Don't learn to manage any bullshit contacts with your elder martial brothers who look very beautiful in school. The real bullies in five years are reading and studying in the classroom library at the moment.

2. Make friends with good people.

It's not to let you manage your contacts, it's to let you learn the valuable character of excellent people.

With what kind of people you will become what kind of people, if you think it's difficult to make good friends with excellent people, you can at least keep away from garbage people first.

3. Don't touch the game.

Don't touch boring tiktok videos, such as jitter, connotations, etc.

Don't think you won't be addicted. A large team of game companies, dozens of people, are working day and night to make you addicted. Do you think you can beat them?

In addition to work needs, shaking is tiktok.

Otherwise, you don't know why you don't have time.

4. At the age of 20, it's not necessarily a good thing not to be gregarious.

According to my observation, no matter in high school, university or society, people who are not gregarious are more likely to be excellent people. They cherish their time, think independently, and enjoy loneliness. It is difficult for people who can do these things to be not excellent.

5. Don't like what you don't want to do, try to refuse.

Of course, some of the things you have to do are still to be done, such as examinations. I mean you can refuse and refuse what you want to refuse. For example, if you learn to refuse, you will have more time for yourself.

6. Don't think the world is unfair to you.

The world is fair. When you think it's unfair, you don't know enough. To put it simply, if someone else has a rich father, you don't have one. It seems unfair. But have you ever thought that if the children of the rich compete fairly with the children of the poor, is it fair to the rich? What's your father doing when people struggle hard to make money and succeed?

7. Don't complain, and try to stay away from people who complain.

Complaining can't change anything, it can only make you and the people around you feel worse and worse. When you encounter anything, remember, find a way to solve it and change it. Everything else is bullshit.

8. Cultivate a specialty.

Dancing, guitar or photography, etc., people with special skills are more likely to get the chance to show themselves in the new environment, and then more likely to make new friends, heterosexual relationship is better.

In addition, at the age of 20, learning ability and acceptance ability are the strongest stage, and learning new things will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

9. Have the opposite sex that likes, go after boldly.

What makes people more painful is always regret rather than failure. If you can't catch up, you at least know the result, without any regret. But many years later, if you know you can catch up but don't, this regret will probably accompany you for life.

The old driver told you that it would be much easier to catch up with your sister in the university than in the society.

10. 20 years old, to be a reliable person.

It's time to get serious at the age of 20. Let others think you are a responsible person.

In this way, in the future, you will also be considered as a potential and promising person.

11. At the age of 20, we should learn to read and then read.

Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

At the age of 20, when you can't walk thousands of miles, you should calm down and read thousands of books.

In addition, when reading, we should learn to read selectively and read useful books.

Both literature and art books and utility books should be considered.

12. If you want to do something when you are young, as long as it is not too much, do it. Many things you want to do will cost more if you take off later.

Life is a journey. It took us several rounds to get this journey. And this journey is very short, so it's better to be bold, to love someone, to climb a mountain, to pursue a dream & hellip; & hellip; there are many things I don't understand. But I believe in one thing. God let us come into this world, is to let us create miracles.

--Big fish and begonia

At the age of 13.20, you need to know that exercise and fitness are the most obvious and efficient way for you to become beautiful and keep young.

People who stick to sports for a long time will look energetic, charming and more confident.

People who love sports are totally different from those who don't like sports.

The above is my advice to my younger brothers and sisters as an old senior who just graduated from university. I hope one or two of them can give you some inspiration and help you avoid detours. Come on!