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Where to play in 2018 summer vacation? A good place for summer vacation travel

summer vacation is coming. Where to play in summer vacation 2018 has become a topic recently discussed by everyone. Do you know where you plan to play? This is a good place for you to visit next summer vacation Shenyang is a city with a high happiness index. One of the most important reasons is that Shenyang's consumption level is not high and people's life is very rich and happy. In Shenyang, dumplings, bacon pancakes, hot pot, northeast dishes, etc. are cheap in quantity, to ensure that you eat well and not expensive. You don't have to go to those scenic spots to visit Shenyang. After all, the Forbidden City is more attractive in Beijing. You can go shopping and eat snacks leisurely, but you can better feel the happiness from this city. Zhangjiakou to Zhangjiakou tourism, just take your camera, you can enjoy the free gifts from nature. There are green mountains, green water and lonely smoke in the desert. Bashang grassland and Chongli ski resort are popular with tourists.

when you go to Chengdu, there are fly pavilions with a price of 30 yuan to eat well. Don't abandon them because they are not beautifully decorated. You should know that only here can you enjoy the most authentic flavor of Chengdu. In terms of scenic spots, famous scenic spots such as Chunxi Road, Jinli, Kuanzhai alley, etc. are all free, so you can save a lot of ticket fees. When Chengdu mentions Chengdu, it's estimated that a lot of people are already drooling. Delicious and cheap snacks are irresistible. With the least money, eating the most delicious snacks is the scene of every dream. In Chengdu, restaurants with 30 yuan to eat are everywhere. If you dislike him because his decoration is not exquisite, it's a big mistake. You should know that the authentic flavor of Chengdu is often in these unknown restaurants. Scenic spots, Chunxi Road, Jinli, Kuanzhai alley and other famous scenic spots are free. In this way, you save a lot of tickets. In addition, entertainment projects can be done with special ear pulling, massage and other tens of yuan.

the consumption level of Qingdao is relatively low, so it's absolutely cost-effective to travel there. There are many snacks in Qingdao, especially roasted squid, which is very suitable for the taste of food. In addition, Qingdao's accommodation is also relatively affordable. There are many hotels that have been converted from old buildings, but even the German style Hotels with very special features usually cost 90 yuan a night.

the best travel time in Harbin is summer and winter. Harbin is more interesting in winter. In winter, Harbin will have a variety of entertainment activities about ice. That is, you can go to the ice and snow world to see the ice sculpture exhibition in different forms, or you can go to the ice and snow covered streets and retro European buildings, with dome protrusions, high arches and windows, or elegant ancient classics, or straight and beautiful. In summer, Harbin is mostly a summer vacation. It's a good enjoyment to go to the sun island to see the European architecture hidden in the green, and take a trip with your family, or sit in the Songhua River to watch the cruise, or go to Harbin Beer Festival or music festival to revel. Harbin food is not much, but can eat authentic northeast food, the per capita consumption is about 35-80 yuan, the cost of Western food will be slightly higher. There are plenty of dishes in the northeast. The paper with small appetites can be cut down. It can be done within 20 yuan. There are many chocolate shops in central street. Friends who like to eat chocolate can buy some. First of all, it depends on the price and goods comparison. Although some stores have the same name, they have different prices. If you can find friends, you can find cheap and delicious chocolate. Jilin summer vacation where to travel cheap and fun, go to Jilin to see it. Changbai Mountain and Songhua Lake, one of the top ten famous mountains in China, are the most attractive scenic spots. Tickets for Changbai Mountain and Songhua Lake are 125 yuan and 30 yuan respectively, and they are settled within 200 yuan. For accommodation, a good hotel costs about 200 yuan. Jilin is a multi-ethnic province located in the border area, which has the most Korean ethnic groups. So when it comes to Jilin, people who have been to say that a meal of Korean food is not to be missed, but the cost is very reasonable.