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What's the principle of Xiaolin's cool spray?

Recently, many media have recommended Xiaolin's cool spray. It is said that spraying on clothes can bring the effect of rapid cooling. Is there really such a magic effect? What is the principle of Xiaolin's cool spray? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Xiao Lin pharmaceutical cool spray really useful?

Users evaluation: spray on tight clothes has obvious effect, no feeling on loose clothes, spray on your body with hands low, burning immediately, lasting for about 20 minutes without air conditioning (spray on tight jeans for testing). Personally, if most of the clothes are very loose, it is not recommended to buy. All in all, it depends on personal needs!

Recently, I read Xiao Hong's book. Many people are recommending the use of Xiaolin's cool spray for people who are crazy about sweating. They say that they can quickly cool down on clothes and have obvious cool effects. So Xiaobian searched the Internet. The evaluation of a treasure is good on the whole. The main point is to have a cool feeling, but it doesn't last long. In addition, the taste is a little big, and it can't spray on the skin. Otherwise, some of you will feel better, and others will be nothing special.

Introduction of Xiaolin's cool spray principle

The principle is physical cooling. After spraying it on the clothes, the heat will be taken away by evaporation, so it has cooling effect. In addition, the product contains mint, which is also obvious for its cool effect. But don't spray on the skin, it will really stimulate the skin and have obvious discomfort. Don't try it easily.

Before going out and playing, spray on your clothes before squeezing the subway bus to work. The lasting effect of the cold feeling is about 2 hours, just like wearing air conditioner with you! If the cold disappears, you can spray again at any time to make you feel cool and comfortable when you go out! Spray it on the clothes that are easy to sweat, such as armpit, back and neck! Peppermint ingredients make sweat feel cold, cool from the hottest part of the body, the whole body can experience the real effect. About 2 hours of endurance.

How long can cool spray keep?

Spray for about an hour at a time. Don't worry about it. There's no magic medicine unless you carry air conditioner with you. Because it contains alcohol, it is easy to volatilize. Spray it for about an hour at a time. If you need to hang out during the day, you'd better take it with you. For this reason, Xiaolin pharmaceutical also designs the nozzle safety buckle. The safety buckle can only be used normally when it is rotated to the designated position, so there is no need to worry about leakage when it is placed in the bag.