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Should pacifiers be used for babies? How about pacifiers I believe baomamas are not new to pacifiers. Pacifiers are a substitute for mother's nipples. When babies cry, they suck their babies when they sleep, which is a tool to help them be quiet. So how about pacifiers for babies?

How about pacifiers

Pacifier benefits

1. Experts believe that it is not necessary to give up the habit of sucking pacifier within 2 years old, because it can be used to train the baby's sucking and swallowing ability, especially for low-weight premature infants, it can help them improve their oral and gastrointestinal peristalsis functions, and at the same time achieve the function of self pacification.

2. Pacify the pacifier will promote the baby to develop the habit of breathing by nose. Breathing by nose can prevent external viruses and pathogens from invading the body.

Pacify the nipple

1. Easy to form dependence

The innate unconditioned reflex and sucking reflex of a baby will gradually disappear with the passage of time. If the parents keep a pacifier for the baby, it will undoubtedly strengthen this reflex and form dependence over time.

2. Cause infantile galactorrhea

When sucking the pacifier constantly, the air enters the mouth and stomach from the corners of both sides of the mouth with the swallowing action of the baby. When the stomach cannot bear the capacity of milk and air, it will contract, causing the baby to overflow milk.

3. Cause abdominal pain

In the process of sucking, the gastrointestinal tract also follows peristalsis conditionally. Frequent peristalsis is easy to cause intestinal spasm and abdominal pain.

4. Affect the beauty of lips

Long term use of pacifier will affect the development of baby's maxilla and mandible. It will also cause baby to form a high palatal arch, which will lead to incorrect occlusion of upper and lower teeth, forming an unsightly lip appearance.