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Four Misunderstandings in summer it's hot in summer. Many Baoma are worried about heatstroke. They will use various methods to cool their baby. However, in the process of cooling and relieving summer heat, we must pay attention to the following details.

(1) Excessive sun protection

Many mothers feel too hot in summer to take their baby out. They are afraid that the baby will get sunburn. Even if they go out, they will take care of all kinds of sunscreen and be armed.

In fact, proper sunlight can give the baby the energy needed by the body, promote the absorption of calcium, and promote the growth and development of bones. Moms don't just let their baby play indoors because it's hot. As long as you choose the right time, before 10 o'clock in the morning or when it's cloudy, your baby is not easy to get sunburn. Don't let the hot summer block your baby's chance to get close to nature.

As long as it's not exposed to the sun for a long time, simple sunscreen protection is enough. A sunshade hat or a sunscreen clothing is appropriate.

(2) Excessive cold drink

It's too hot in summer. It's good for cold drinks and moderate consumption. As a result, many mothers love each other so much that many mothers are willing to share this cool moment with their babies. Let's stop. Don't worry too much, especially for children under 4 years old. The intestinal development is not fully mature. Don't eat too many cold drinks, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

The baby develops the habit of eating cold drinks. It's easy to resist the normal diet. It doesn't like eating. Instead, it makes mothers headache. In fact, the mother can properly give the baby some yogurt or make some iced mung bean soup, and can also make some popsicles for the baby to eat, just remember to be moderate, not excessive, otherwise it is easy to backfire.

(3) Herbal herbal tea

In Guangdong area of Fujian Province, some simple herbal medicines are often used to make tea in hot summer to relieve summer heat. Some time ago, I also saw that some children were poisoned by using herbal tea.

We have to remind mothers that the development of various organs of the baby is very different from that of adults, and the metabolic function is not so perfect. Don't think you have nothing to drink, and your baby has nothing to do with it. You can relieve the heat for your baby and drink more water.

(4) Room temperature too low

Parents often come back from the outside. They can't stand the heat. They turn on the air conditioner very low in a word, which is especially easy to get sick. Especially at home there are babies, avoid indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too big, the temperature should be controlled at 26-27 degrees, this temperature baby will not feel hot, and will not feel cold.

When going out, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is generally about 5 degrees, which is easy for the baby to adapt to. Also avoid air conditioning direct blow baby. When you take your baby out, you can turn off the air conditioner in advance, so that the baby has a buffer period.