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What is 272614 886 about 2018 World Cup 272614886 these numbers are very popular recently. If you don't watch the ball, you really don't understand them. It turned out to be a story about the 2018 World Cup. Come and have a look.

This group of figures is a hot one in the world cup recently, 272 + 614 = 886, in fact, Ozil + Royce = bye bye!

After the 2018 World Cup, Germany vs. South Korea, careful Netizens found that Germany lost the game completely because of Loew's poor Mathematics: 'I said that Ozil and Royce can't start together, how much is 272 + 614 equal to without points in mind?' (272 + 614 = 886) is also very cold!

What is the stem

In fact, it's a joke used by netizens to tease the German team about losing.

World Cup related stories

1. Boy's attention: if a girl likes you, don't let her watch the ball with you, or she will like the man who plays football.

2. Recently, more and more people think that China is really strong. When it's so tired to play football, Chinese people don't do much. They call waiguoren to show us.

3、 We are drinking cold beer, eating duck neck, peeling crayfish, watching the foreigners running and performing for us on the field. I feel proud of being a Chinese! I am so tired of those grandchildren.

4. Today, I told my classmates that I am a fan of the Russian team. He said, "ah, you are a snail (Rose) fan.".

5. Portugal Spain

Portugal: [come on, dog RI's Spain, see who the fuck is the real new king of Europe. ]

Spain: [come on, Portugal of dog RI, see who the fuck is the real world power. ]

6. I: 'I found out today that there is no Italian team I like best in the world cup!'

Friend: 'it's a long story. In order to improve the football level, Japan introduced a large number of Brazilian coaches. Later, Japan entered the world cup. Then, in order to improve the level of football, China introduced a large number of Italian coaches. Finally, Italy was eliminated by the world cup. '

7. Don't gamble any more. The world cup is just a scam. Where there is the sun in the middle of the night, it's the video recorded before.