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Why are you still single? You will understand all the ten questions when you finish them

Want to know why you are still single? Single people do these ten questions to help you find out the reasons for being single and create a happy life. Here's a summary of the four reasons for being single. Let's take a look. I hope it can help you 1. Do you have good living habits?

There are --2

No --3

General --4

2. Do you always pay attention to your dress?

It's ---3.

Not --4.

Look at the occasion --5

3. How long do you usually wear a dress before changing it?

Change if dirty -- 4

Just go through it and change -- 5

Look at the situation --6

4. Are you surrounded by handsome men and beautiful women?

It's --5.

Not --6.

Individual --7

5. Are you confident enough?

It's --6.

Not --7.

Split field --8

6. Do you often read fashion magazines?

It's --7.

Not --8.

General --9

7. Do you think you can bring pleasure to the person you are talking to?

Can --8

Can not --9

Not necessarily -- 10

8. Who is the first to chat with others?

Opposite party --9

Yourself -- 10

Look at the situation --D

9. Do you really like your friends?

Of course, --A.

Not --10

Unclear --D

10. Do you think you are extroverted or introverted?

Introverted --C

Extroversion --B

A. You're single because of your appearance

Your appearance is not good-looking in most people's eyes, but you don't know yourself at all. There is also a kind of inexplicable self-confidence. This kind of self-confidence makes you always unconsciously show a superior feeling when facing your friends. This kind of feeling will make them reject you in their heart. They don't have a good impression on you as you think, which is the main reason why you are single.

B. You're single because of your taste

Everyone is an independent individual in this world. Everyone is different from each other. The most direct manifestation of this difference is dressing. Some people are very fashionable. When you see her, you will feel fresh and fresh. Naturally, she leaves a deep impression on you. However, your dress has no characteristics, which can't be remembered at all. It belongs to the type that will be ignored when you walk into the crowd. That's why you are single.

C. You're single because of your personality

Your character is really bad. Sometimes you are introverted and make people headache, speak in a low voice, which makes everyone afraid to communicate with you; sometimes you do things too carelessly, without considering the cause and effect, what you think about, what you think about and what you do, once something goes wrong, you will shirk the responsibility, so you will push the family further and further away, and naturally you will be single.

D. You're single because of your social skills

You're too social. Your social skills are really poor. You can't catch the point that the other person wants to express when talking with others. Naturally, it's difficult to carry on the conversation. You should try to figure out and understand more. Don't just stay on the surface. Don't just talk about what you are interested in. You are very happy here. As a result, others don't want to hear it at all. If you can't find a common topic, you will be alone.