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What are the skills of kissing? How to improve kissing Technology

When lovers express their love, they will kiss when they are in love. So for lovers, kissing technology is even more obvious. What are the kissing skills? Here are some kissing techniques. Let's have a look.

What are the techniques of kissing

1、 Chewing and kissing

Chewing kiss, which means to bite each other's tongue, like to swallow like a kiss, such a kiss is called chewing kiss. It's also one of the kissing skills of lovers. However, it's important to be careful when chewing. Don't overdo it, just pretend, and imagine that the other's tongue is like eating.

Two. Kiss.

The so-called licking kiss means that you can use your tongue to lick your partner's upper and lower lips, so that your partner can feel the feeling of licking your tongue taste buds. However, the most important thing to pay attention to at this time is to keep the saliva full. If there is too little saliva, dry licking kiss, then you will feel uncomfortable.

3、 Deep throat kiss

Stick your tongue into each other's throat, then lick and press heavily, which is what we usually call the aggressive and possessive kiss. This is deep throat kiss. Young couples must remember that it is also one of the kissing skills, but you should know that it is one of the most uncomfortable ways for couples to kiss.

4、 Push tongue kiss

It's also a couple's kissing technique. The so-called push tongue kiss, which means to let the tongue into the mouth of the other party, and then let the tongue and tongue push each other, so simple. However, boys' strength should be reduced. Only in this way can girls not feel pain and have a kind of pleasure.

5、 Gingival kiss

Gingival kiss is also one of the kissing techniques for couples. The specific steps are as follows: first explore the teeth and the inner and outer sides of the gums of the other party with stones, and then take stimulating the mucous membrane in the mouth as the purpose. Here, we need to remind you that the action of gingival kiss must be careful, slow and gentle, so as not to let the other party produce a strange feeling, thus affecting the stimulation of kissing.

6、 Sweet spring kiss

The way of sweet spring kiss is: when using two lips to connect, then use your tongue to ferry your saliva into the mouth of the other party, and remember to suck the saliva of the other party at this time. Here's a reminder: this kind of sweet spring kiss is usually used for lovers who are happy and healthy.

7、 Skills need to be synchronized

What kind of kiss does he like? What warm-up actions are needed in advance? What are the taboos about kissing? Can you cooperate with him in these details? You can practice telling him, so as to change him. When he understands your habits, he will understand your mind, and he will respond.

8、 Full body language

Before kissing, don't rush to put your lips up, first use your fingertips to feel his temperature, so that you can be more emotional. Look at him with your eyes and look at him tenderly. Then start kissing again. But don't forget to use your hands and eyes. When looking at him, use your fingertips to scratch his face, so as to arouse his desire.

9、 Have a great imagination

When kissing, you need a new investment. Maximize your mouth. Don't just lock the kiss in the mouth to mouth. A kiss can be extended in depth, deep or shallow. Use your imagination to make it expand horizontally. You will find out different tastes.