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What is the medicinal value of Padan? What are the functions and effects of Padan Padan is a kind of dry fruit food with high price. Its shape is similar to the kernel of apricot, but it is two different kinds of food. The Padan wood sold on the market is processed and can be eaten as long as it is peeled. It has rich nutritional value and many kinds of nutritional elements. It is good for the body after eating. After its edible value, it also has medicinal value. It can extract its effective ingredients. What is its medicinal value?

Almonds is a kind of nutrition intensive healthy snack, which contains protein, dietary fiber and vitamin E. it is more nutritious than the nuts from other trees, and does not contain cholesterol. It is accepted and loved by consumers in China.

1. Protect skin

Scientific research shows that almonds is one of the most nutritious foods with vitamin E, and it is a healthy food rich in vitamin E and flavonoid antioxidants. A handful of Almonds (28 g or 23 pieces) can provide 7.3 mg of vitamin E (equivalent to half of the daily needs of the human body), and vitamin E can effectively fight against free radicals, playing a role in moisturizing skin care and slowing down aging.

2. Good for heart health

Up to 70% of the unsaturated fatty acids in almonds can help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Eating almonds can effectively reduce the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in human body and reduce the potential threat of heart attack.

3. Help gut health

Related research results show that almonds has prebiotic properties, which can improve the intestinal health and promote defecation by increasing the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract.

4. Weight control

It has been reported that, first of all, eating almonds can make people feel full, which helps to control the intake of other high-temperature foods; second, the dietary fiber contained in almonds can reduce the fat absorption rate, thus effectively controlling body weight.

5. Maintaining blood sugar levels

The study found that people who ate almonds in the breakfast had a stronger sense of satiety after breakfast and lunch, and effectively controlled blood glucose concentration, compared with those who did not add almonds in the breakfast. The results of this study can help prediabetes to correct the habit of overeating and eating behavior, reduce the risk of aggravation.

What is the medicinal value of Padan?

There are five kinds of medicinal value. Patients can achieve good effect by eating in normal way, but when the eating way is in trouble, it will affect the body. Children should pay attention to the way of eating, must be ground into powder before eating, otherwise it is easy to block the throat. Because of its powerful effect, there are many people to eat, and its benefits to the body are very obvious after eating. Patients should choose fresh Padan wood to eat.