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How to mix dumpling filling as the saying goes, dumplings are better than delicious ones. We can see the weight of dumplings in people's minds. Every new year's day, you can't live without dumplings on the table. How can you eat dumplings without dumpling filling? How can you mix dumpling filling to make it delicious?

How to make dumpling filling delicious

1. Add eggs

Whether it's meat dumplings or plain dumplings, it's a secret that chefs don't pass on to beat two eggs into the dumpling stuffing to wrap the stuffing and make the stuffing more tender and juicy. There is a saying that I don't know if you've ever heard of: 'add an egg and drop it a few times, and eat up to 7 liang of water for meat filling'. It can be seen how smooth and juicy it is!

Meat dumplings:

Put it in the meat first. Buy back the frozen meat stuffing, then add an egg to every 500g of meat stuffing, and stir the meat stuffing in a clockwise direction until the meat stuffing becomes a complete meat lump. You can also cover it and beat it several times. The meat stuffing can taste better!

Vegetarian dumplings:

Vegetable dumpling stuffing also need to add an extra egg, especially the dumpling with leek egg stuffing, which can prevent the leek from getting old, bite, tender and smooth, especially delicious!

Add to the plain dumplings, first fry the eggs, mix them with leek, then add 1-2 extra eggs, then add cooked oil, sesame oil, five spice powder, salt, etc. for seasoning.

Add an egg to the dumpling skin and noodles to make the dumpling skin more powerful and fragrant!

2. Add lard

Lard is also a kind of treasure that can make dumplings fragrant immediately. When lard is added to dumpling stuffing, the fragrance is immediately different. Especially for plain dumplings, lard can immediately improve the dry and light taste of dumpling filling, and the flavor is full!

If you don't have lard at home, you can also add some boiled peanut oil or soybean oil, which is much better than peanut oil.

Add 2 tablespoons of lard to every 500g of dumpling filling. Mix the lard and dumpling filling well. If the lard is frozen and hard to melt, it can be slightly heated to light yellow. Then stir the dumpling stuffing in one direction, and the delicious stuffing will be ready. If it's cooked cooking oil, it's the same!

3. Add sweet sauce and big sauce

This trick is a new one. It's very effective to make dumplings filled with meat and vegetables! Add some sweet sauce to mutton dumplings, which has the effect of removing fishiness; add a little to the dumplings filled with cabbage and leek meat, which immediately makes the dumplings fresh and fragrant many times!

In all the fillings that need to be added into the raw sauce, they can be made with sweet sauce. Generally, 500g dumpling fillings plus 1 spoon of sweet sauce can be stirred evenly.

Using sweet sauce instead of soy sauce can not only make dumplings have a light sauce flavor, but also control the water content of the filling, so it is not so difficult to wrap.

Be careful:

When sweet sauce is added to dumpling filling, the amount of salt and other seasonings should be reduced accordingly.

4. Oyster sauce

The dumplings with meat filling will be delicious with sweet sauce, so what's better with plain dumplings?

Let me tell you a little secret. It's oyster sauce. Add the right amount of oyster sauce to lock the flavor and moisture in the dumpling filling. When making dumplings, the filling does not come out of water. Cook the dumplings to be especially delicious and juicy! In the meat dumplings, if you don't like the taste of sweet sauce, you can also add oyster sauce instead.

Add 2 tbsp oyster sauce to 500g dumpling stuffing for seasoning. When cooked, it tastes delicious.

5. Ginger water with Scallion

Add some water to the meat stuffing. It will not dry and become tender immediately! You can choose to boil the water with scallion and ginger with water, or you can add the vegetable juice instead of water when chopping vegetables into the meat stuffing, which is more nutritious.

In every 500g dumpling filling, add about 250g of water, so-called "one meat and half water". In addition, when adding water, it is necessary to add seasoning before mixing the seasoning evenly.

Add a small amount of water several times, and keep stirring the stuffing clockwise until the stuffing absorbs the water completely. Do not be lazy!

Filling steps of dumplings

At the same time, there are also corresponding steps for filling dumplings. Only by following the steps can dumplings eat better! Learn from Xiaobian as soon as possible.

1. Take out the meat stuffing and freeze it, and take out the vegetables and cut them into shreds.

2. Sprinkle a small amount of salt on the vegetables to separate out the water in the vegetables. You can use gauze to wrap vegetables and squeeze out water; water can also be used to mix noodles.

3. Beat an egg in the meat filling, add lard and mix well, slice onion and ginger, and boil.

4. Add the vegetables to the meat stuffing and stir evenly; add seasonings such as sweet pasta sauce, thirteen spices, chicken essence and salt, stir evenly with chopsticks, and add a little cooked oil.

5. Add a small amount of water in several times and keep stirring the filling in one direction until the filling becomes sticky and lustrous.

Boiled dumplings

Add some salt to the water to boil the dumplings, and the dumplings will not stick to the pot.

It's said that stuffing is the soul of dumplings. How to make dumplings delicious? Have you learned?