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Which color of TF lipstick is the most white TF grapefruit lipstick for women, the more the color of lipstick, the better. I believe many fairies have planted TF lipstick. TF lipstick is Tom Ford's lipstick, which is popular with female friends. Which color of TF lipstick is the most white?

What's the red bean color of TF mouth

Tom Ford lip color black tube

With a drop of chocolate color of red bean paste, the paste contains a lot of pearlescent, but it is not very obvious, it can make the color Fuller, look more gentle after the mouth, the color is suitable for daily life, a good color for all.

Tom Ford lip color black tube

This is a red brown deep bean sand color, a bit like brick red. After the mouth is a little close to the autumn and winter color of aunt color, if you are not sure about your skin color, this root is not recommended to buy.

Which color is the most white TF lipstick

Coral No. 15 is red and white. Number 16 is a cool guy

TF's texture is really strange. It feels like semi-finished chocolate, and it also has the flavor of chocolate. It's very soft and moist after application. The lips will not peel, and even the lips can be painted with uniform color! In short, the lipstick has a super high fit! It feels that the lips are originally red! This is really great, and it's also super unique!

15 Chen is not too friendly to yellow skin girls! It really looks good without using make-up thin everyday! But I still love make-up 15 Chen is white after make-up ~ it's also matte. If you like the bright feeling, you can apply a primer and then lipstick.

It's hard for TF to buy a color number. The upper mouth is really beautiful and beautiful. Thin coating feels like water red. Thick coating is aunt color. In autumn and winter, it's really super cool and white.

Moistening degree is also good. My lips are not in good condition. I'm afraid to use dry lipstick, but this one won't show lip lines.

What's the size of TF grapefruit lipstick Tom Ford lip color black tube

This coral color is rare, redder than the general coral color, but a little more warm pink than the traditional vermilion color. Warm yellow skin friends will like this color very much, white and lift the color, white skin full mouth daub will be a little too bright feeling.