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When does Samsung note9 go public? Samsung note9 releases the latest news summary

When does Samsung note9 go public? Samsung note9 releases the latest news summary as digital fans know, Samsung holds two flagship aircraft conferences every year, which are s series and note series. Recently, with the release date of Samsung's note9 approaching, the spy photos of real aircraft are also revealed. So when will Samsung note 9 go on sale? Let's take a look at the details.

By convention, we will see Samsung note 9 around July. However, according to media reports, Samsung's note 9 is likely to be delayed due to various reasons. The plane was originally scheduled to be released in mid July, but the delayed time will be early August. According to the latest report of foreign media Bloomberg, Samsung note 9 will be officially released on August 9!

At the same time, the foreign media also exposed a group of pictures suspected of Samsung note9. As follows, the overall design style of Samsung note9 is the same as that of the current note8. The upper and lower frames of the screen are further narrowed, and a large number of components can be seen in the upper frame of the screen. The back of the phone is similar to the Samsung S9 +, and the fingerprint key is integrated under the vertical row of dual cameras, making it more convenient to use. In addition to the above, Samsung note9 does not seem to have many obvious design upgrades.

At present, the authenticity of this group of pictures is unknown. However, Bloomberg reports that Samsung's note9 is similar to note8 in appearance. Its R & D focus will be on camera functions, and the processor will be upgraded normally. The report also revealed that the Samsung note 9 conference will still be held in New York.