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2018 summer movie recommendation Daquan 2018 summer movie ranking speaking of the recent films, they're almost out of date. But fortunately, the painful days are coming to an end. With the end of June and the opening of the film summer program in July, many films have been locked in the summer program. There is no need to worry about not having a good movie in this summer program. Let's take a look at the wonderful plot lineup of our 2018 summer program.

1 "evil does not oppress right"

Highlight: this year's most anticipated work! Novel story, 15 second notice, all characters are just a glimpse, but the flavor of the legend of the Republic of China and the passing Wulin is super positive. The title of the film "evil does not oppress the right" and "hidden man" together make people feel that the story is not as simple as it seems. Jiang Wen has been giving us a surprise, I believe this time will not let us down.

A good play

Highlight: I hope BOGO's two-year silence can bring good harvest. There is a premonition that it is not pure comedy, it should not only be laughter. BOGO said that he would not make movies for the sake of making them. He must meet his expectations. And so on the perfectionism Bogor brings us the good work. The title of the film is very particular. No matter whether it is good-looking or not, everyone will say that Huang Bo directed a good play.

3 the richest man in Xihong

Highlight: the story takes place in Xihong City, the city of special troubles in Charlotte troubles. In Xihong City, will Wang Duo Yu and Xia Luo meet. Wang Duoyu (played by Shen Teng), the goalkeeper of amateur football team C, was expelled from the team for losing the game. At the bottom of his life, he accepted the challenge of a mysterious Taiwanese consortium to spend a billion yuan a month. I thought that happy life began here, but for the first time, Wang Duo Yu felt that he was worried about spending money! It's not so easy to turn his life around and go to the top.

4 love apartment

Highlight: love apartment has four seasons on air, which makes the four seasons hot. From the current attention to the movie, the movie will also be very hot. Although the seven people in the play come from different places, they all love each other and help each other. Although there will be times of mutual hatred, they are like brothers and sisters of a family. The family environment is warm and harmonious, which makes many people yearn for. At the same time, the story, lines and other funny humor, so that we can laugh, temporarily forget the real life troubles and pressure!

5 animal world

Highlight: the movie "animal world", which Li Yifeng devoted to performing in a long silence, will also be released in the summer to see if Li Yifeng's acting skills have improved this time. I look forward to director Han Yan's new work, Li Yifeng's more brilliant performance, and the deep meaning of "gambling implied record" can be perfectly reflected.