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What are the signs of lymphoid cancer in the susceptible population

Four seas network: speaking of lymphoid cancer, I believe everyone is talking about cancer color change. The main manifestations of lymphoid cancer are painless lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, involvement of all tissues and organs of the whole body, accompanied by fever, night sweat, emaciation, pruritus and other systemic symptoms. It is a malignant tumor of LYMPHOPOIETIC system. So what person is easy to get lymphatic cancer? What are the people prone to lymphatic cancer? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the risk groups of lymphoid cancer

1. People who are 'stuck in the heart'

People with qi depression constitution are generally characterized by "depressive" personality, which belongs to cancer sensitive constitution. There is a word "depression in the heart". Such people are easy to cause personality depression, but they can not vent due to their own personality depression, Qi and blood cause congestion on the internal organs, and accumulate into tumors over time, forming cancer.

2. A person with blood stasis

Most of these people are thin, a few are fat, plain complexion is dark, skin is dark or pigmented, personality is gloomy, mood is not happy, easy to get upset, impatient and forgetful. Their blood vessels are often clogged. Because the blood is not very smooth, the necrotic cells in the organs can not be removed, so that they continue to accumulate, accumulate and become spots, and slowly stimulate the organs to produce canceration. Especially for the white-collar people with great work pressure, if the symptoms are obvious, you can see Chinese medicine properly and take some Chinese medicine to relieve the symptoms.

3. People with phlegm and dampness

People with phlegm dampness tend to be fat and sleepy, preferring sweet, spicy and heavy food. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine believes that if they often eat these things, they will trap the spleen and stomach. If they trap the spleen and stomach, they will not be able to get rid of the body's dampness. Then they will have the symptoms of being heavy, listless, sleepy, and a little lazy. Phlegm dampness people also have a kind of 'anxiety' performance, showing emotional tension and anxiety, especially for people with high work pressure, whose anxiety is more prominent. This kind of anxiety will make the immune cells in the body lose their vitality. If anxiety exists for a long time without elimination, it is also one of the factors prone to cancer.

4. People with allergic constitution

Allergic constitution refers to the constitution of some people different from ordinary people, they are prone to allergic diseases, patients often appear asthma, urticaria, food allergy or other allergic diseases.

5. People with deficiency of Qi and constitution

The body resistance of people with Qi deficiency constitution is relatively poor. They are easy to catch cold for three days and two ends. They are tired, weak and unable to fight spirit. Their faces are yellow, night sweats, and their tongue is light and fat. This kind of constitution is the sensitive constitution of NPC, and the state of qi deficiency runs through the whole process of the occurrence and development of NPC. Therefore, people with Qi deficiency constitution must pay attention to the substances and environment that are easy to cause cancer, and be alert to the occurrence of NPC.

6. People who eat acidic food for a long time

Now people's eating habits have changed a lot compared with before. Long term consumption of acid food will make the serum acidic and reduce the resistance, which provides good conditions for the arrival of cancer. Therefore, in order to own health, we must have a reasonable diet, develop good drinking habits, and avoid the impact of improper diet on health.

7. Parents with BA cancer

Some of the patients have lymphoid cancer. One of the parents must be a lymphoid cancer patient. Therefore, if there are lymphoid cancer patients in the family, the probability of their own disease is higher than that of ordinary people.

8. People who are constantly exposed to harmful substances

Exposure to carcinogenic chemicals is one of the most common causes of lymphoid cancer. For example, frequent hair dyeing in women may cause lymphocytic lesions, or the application of pesticides and fertilizers may increase the risk of the disease.

In our daily life, we should have a balanced diet, exercise, peace of mind, stop smoking and limit alcohol, and regular physical examination. If we find similar lymphoma symptoms, we should go to a doctor in time. In particular, people with high work pressure should learn to release bad emotions and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.