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What's the difference between the first and second volunteers the 2018 college entrance examination has come to an end. At present, examinees are all involved in the stage of filling in and submitting their wishes. Many people are struggling with the question: what is the difference between the first and second wishes in the college entrance examination? How should they fill in and submit their wishes?

The difference between the first and second volunteers in college entrance examination

The so-called first volunteer is the college volunteer that the examinee fills in the first place in each admission batch. It is often the school volunteer that the examinee is the most ideal and wants to be admitted. The first one is that the admission department, in each admission batch, first delivers it to the admission school for the candidates to choose.

The first file that college recruiters see is the first volunteer's candidate file. When the number of candidates who meet the admission conditions of the first volunteer has reached the enrollment plan of the year, this college will no longer consider filling in its second volunteer and other volunteer candidates, that is to say, the candidates who fill in the second volunteer and other volunteer will have no chance to let them choose. It can be seen that filling in the first wish is very important.

The second wish is the school wish that candidates fill in the second place in each admission batch, and it is often the school wish that candidates return to seek the second place. When the first wish can't be fulfilled, the examinees usually hope that the second wish can be realized. The second volunteer is the second time that the admission department delivers to the admission school in each admission batch.

All colleges and universities that have insufficient enrollment plans for the first volunteer candidates should choose additional candidates from those who have filled in the second volunteer. That is to say, the second wish filled in by the examinee will only work if the school has not completed the enrollment plan after the admission according to the first wish. Therefore, the candidates should fill in the second volunteer should be the first batch of the number of volunteers fill in less, relatively 'cold' schools.

In each batch, the recruitment department of the first voluntary city first volunteers to the recruitment school. Of course, the college admissions staff will first see the examinee files of the first voluntary. When the first voluntary has reached the enrollment number of the school, the school will not consider the examinees of the second voluntary and other voluntary, so it can be seen that the first voluntary is quite important. The second wish is the second time to send it to the candidates for their choice. The second wish filled in by the candidates will only work if the plan has not been completed after the first volunteer admission. Therefore, it is suggested that you fill in some relatively cold majors for the second wish.

How to fill in the application for college entrance examination

When filling in the application for college entrance examination, the general situation of the school cannot be omitted. When filling in the application for college entrance examination, it is necessary to understand the nature, level, type of running school and charging standard of the school. For colleges and universities with branch schools and multiple campuses, candidates should pay attention to which campuses the candidates study in and whether the seal of their graduation certificate and degree certificate bears the words of branch schools or campuses. The principle of admission should not be sloppy, such as the proportion of file adjustment, the situation of file withdrawal, bonus policy, professional level difference, physical limitation, foreign language language language, professional entrance examination and other specific requirements. Each school's enrollment regulations will give clear admission standards such as the proportion of file adjustment and file withdrawal.

When you know your college entrance examination score, you can compare whether the gears of the two match. You can compare your college entrance examination score with the adjusted score line, which will greatly improve your admission rate.

Notes on filling in college entrance examination

Give yourself more choice

Many candidates put all their eggs in one or two schools. Now the first batch of enrollment will not affect the second batch of admission. In the application form of college entrance examination, one more choice of school, one more chance to be admitted. We need to know the admission rules of "no white report, no white report".

Consider the reality and choose local schools

Many college entrance examination candidates are looking forward to key universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other developed regions. I hope there will be a good development after graduation. But college entrance examination candidates should consider their own actual situation, to the high consumption of big cities and talented competition.