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Some skills about eye protection of computer family

modern people's life is more and more inseparable from computers. Many people need computers for work and leisure, and become real computer people. While enjoying the convenience and entertainment brought by computers, the discomfort of the eyes is often accompanied by shadows. If eye discomfort is found, it should be adjusted and repaired as soon as possible to avoid permanent injury.

Pay attention to rest, hot compress eyes, blink more, correct posture, etc.

Rest your eyes. Every 2 hours of computer use, you need to rest for 10-15 minutes. At this time, you can look out of the window and have a rest effect as long as you don't focus on the close eye use.

Apply heat to or massage around the eyes. Cover your eyes with a hot towel or handkerchief (close your eyes at the same time) once or twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each time. You can also use your thumb to gently press the bone around the eye socket, starting from the upper inner side of the eye socket, massage along the bone to the outer side of the eye, and then move towards the bottom of the eye to the nose.

Do not let the light outside the window and the light inside the screen reflect light. It is better to install special microfiltration net or goggles in front of the screen. When there is dust on the screen, it must be wiped with a special computer cleaning paper to increase the visibility.

Place the data and text to be input next to the screen, the closer it is, the better it will be, so as to reduce the rotation of neck and eyes, and the change of attention. Enlarge the font size and the distance between lines displayed on the screen to facilitate reading and reduce the burden on the eyes.

More blinks can moisten the eyes to prevent dryness. If the eyes are uncomfortable, it is better to find an ophthalmologist for examination. Do not order eye drops by yourself.

The distance between the eye and the 14 inch screen should be at least 60 cm, and the 15 inch screen should have a 70 cm buffer screen. The larger the buffer screen, the distance and so on.

The height of the keyboard and seat is mainly to make users comfortable. The keyboard should be adjusted to the point where the forearm is parallel to the ground when typing. The computer chair is better to be an adjustable chair with back and no armrest. Adjust the chair body to make your feet flat on the ground. The chair should lean forward slightly to make the spine straight and the thighs slightly inclined to the ground.

There should be more than one meter of space on the back and wall of the computer so that the user's eyes can be extended enough when resting.