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Is there any risk of face thinning needle? What are the side effects of face thinning needle

Is there any risk of face thinning needle? What are the side effects of face thinning needle in this era of looking at face, people pay more attention to their own beauty value, especially women. Many girls are crazy about losing weight and even taking thin face needle directly. Thin face needle is a less risky project in plastic surgery, but although it is not cut, there are still many people worried about risk. What are the risks of taking thin face needle? Let's take a look!

Experts from plastic surgery hospital pointed out that because botulinum toxin is a highly toxic substance, but the use of face thinning needle for face thinning and wrinkle removal only accounts for 1% - 2% of the lethal dose. But if during Botox injection, the beauty salon is taking other drugs, such as gentamicin, penicillin, etc., it can strengthen the drug toxicity and lead to injection poisoning. Some unqualified 'beauticians' in life beauty salons often have blepharoptosis, eyebrow ptosis, local swelling and other phenomena because they are not familiar with anatomy, the injection site is not accurate, or the concentration and dosage are too large. If the face is given too much face thinning needle, it may cause dysphagia. Therefore, the injection of face thinning needle must be operated by a professional cosmetic surgeon to ensure the safety of the injection.

According to many years of verification, it is one of the safe and reliable beauty methods to apply face thinning needle. The standardized beauty treatment will not bring dangerous trauma to the beauty seekers, and its risk lies in the beauty seekers who have not received the relevant regular medical injection. In order to avoid its danger as far as possible, we ask the beauticians to carefully consider whether there is a comprehensive injection condition to ensure safety. The injection is usually done on both sides of the masseter, with 50 units on each side. For customers with asymmetrical faces, it can fight more and less at the same time, which can correct the asymmetry. For example, 70 units are usually played, and 30 units are played on the other side. A person's life as long as 2-3 courses of treatment can be thin face needle, after the need not to play. If some people are 30-40 years old at the beginning of the first course of treatment, maybe a course of treatment can be injected. Because of the increase of age, the rebound ability of masseter muscle is also weakened. So it is very important to go to the regular medical plastic surgery.

Now we know that the biggest risk of face thinning needle injection is the asymmetry of both sides of the cheek due to the lack of doctor's technology. This risk can be completely avoided through our choice of hospitals and doctors. When we do surgery, as long as we go to a regular hospital, we can rest assured.