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How to write in tiktok in water?

Tiktok can be tiktok sitting at home and watching the world, watching the jitter and sitting at home can open the eyes. Recently, a video of writing in water is very popular. Water and writing are two things that are totally unexpected. How to write? Let's take a look at the tutorial.

Tiktok writing in water

Materials to prepare: 1. Neutral ball point pen (the kind you usually see in the supermarket, 10 yuan a piece), 2. Thick hard board paper, such as those good diary paper sheets.

Writing process: after preparing these, first put a big drop of water on the paper. If you use a needle tube, the success rate will be higher. As long as you don't let it spread, you can use the paper with a little burr as shown in the figure below.

After dropping the water drop, you can start to write. Dip the pen head into the water and start to write the words you want to write. Generally, the water drops will not be scattered in a relatively small range. At the same time, polish, record and finally add BGM, which is a very beautiful scene.