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How do pregnant women spend the dog days? What do pregnant women eat in the dog days

In the hot summer, it's hard to bear the heat. The land is hot and hot, especially in the dog days. How about the pregnant women in the dog days? If you don't pay attention to it, it will cause malnutrition to the fetus. Let's take a look at it

how do pregnant women spend the dog days: moderate air conditioning

During the three volt days, the pregnant women will blow the air conditioner to remove the heat at home, but the following precautions must be paid attention to:

1. Use air conditioner to open doors and windows every 4 hours to circulate air inside and outside the room; clean the filter screen of air conditioner regularly, preferably once every two weeks. Don't let the air vent blow directly.

2. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large. It is better to not exceed 5 ℃. Enter and leave the air-conditioned room and change clothes at any time.

3. When the pregnant women blow the air conditioner, they'd better wear pure cotton thin clothes and pants and socks on their feet to prevent catching cold. Always have a cape, add or subtract clothes according to the external environment.

In summer, the physical consumption of expectant mothers is large, and they are easy to feel tired; overwork is easy to make expectant mothers suffer from heatstroke syncope, fetal restlessness or the risk of abortion and premature birth.

Therefore, it is suggested that the mother to be should have enough nap time, preferably 1-2 hours. Because the nap time is too long will lead to wake up after the whole body uncomfortable and more sleepy.

How do pregnant women eat in the dog days: eat more vegetables and fruits

It's super comfortable to drink an iced drink on a rainy day, but mum to be can't indulge in cold drinks. Because the spleen and stomach function of pregnant women is weak, the disease resistance ability is reduced, eating too much frozen food will lead to over reaction of digestive tract, even uterine contraction, and then lead to premature delivery.

It is suggested that in order to ensure the nutrition of the mother and fetus, the diet of the expectant mother should not be too simple, and the burden of the stomach and intestines should not be increased. Choose light and nutritious foods such as lean meat, eggs, beans, vegetables and seasonal fruits.

With the increase of temperature in summer, the pregnant mother is irritable and over excited, and it is easy to be emotional or over tired.

And when the mood fluctuates, the pregnant mother will suffer from low immunity due to negative mental stimulation. Therefore, for the sake of the health of the fetus and herself, the mother to be should keep calm and do more self-regulation of anger control.

When it's cool in the morning and evening, go to the nature to see the scenery and cool down, exercise properly, and read and write in the room with quiet environment.