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What are the functions and effects of leeks? What are the taboos of leeks

Sihaiwang: speaking of leek, I believe there are many people who like leek. Leek is a regular customer on the table. However, when it comes to leeks, the first reaction is to think of leeks as "Aphrodisiac". As for whether leek really has such magical function, it is not known. But in fact, leek is rich in edible cellulose. High fiber food can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is difficult to be fully digested, and increase the amount of stool, so as to clean the intestinal tract and promote fecal discharge. Therefore, regular eating leek can prevent constipation. So what is the effect of leek? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Leek, food itself is not bad, but it depends on how and when to eat.

whet one's appetite

Leek contains plant fragrant volatile oil, which has the effect of increasing appetite. The elderly, children, pregnant women and other appropriate to eat some spring leek, which is good for improving health.

Invigorating the liver and strengthening the stomach

Leek contains volatile essential oil, sulfide and other special ingredients, giving off a unique pungent smell, which is helpful for regulating liver qi, improving appetite and digestive function

Dispersing stagnation and activating blood circulation

Leek has the effect of dispersing blood stasis, activating blood circulation and detoxifying, which is beneficial to reduce blood lipid, prevent and cure coronary heart disease, anemia and arteriosclerosis.

What are the taboos of leek

(1) It is not suitable for people with Yin deficiency and fire to eat leek, which can help Yang and dry up. Animal experiments show that it can make the animals in the experiment manic, spasm and even die. Therefore, the book "seeking truth from the grass" says: "fire is full of yin deficiency, which is the most taboo. '

(2) In summer, we should not eat more leeks, which are aging, fiber is rough and not easy to be absorbed. In summer, gastrointestinal function is reduced, and eating more leeks will cause abdominal distention or diarrhea.

(3) The leek should not be heated for too long when eating. It contains rich vitamin B. heating can destroy the tonic. The longer heating time, the more damage. Therefore, it should not be eaten after heating for a long time.

(4) Chinese chives should not be eaten raw. They should not be eaten for a long time or raw. Because they have a lot of cellulose and are difficult to digest, and they are not like scallion and garlic, which can be eaten after peeling. The edible part is close to the ground, often contaminating microorganisms and parasite eggs, and there are many strains, which are not easy to clean, easy to infect diseases, so they should not be eaten raw.

Pay attention to the healthy and correct eating of your own diet. These common foods in your life can absorb the nutritional value they contain. In this way, you can achieve better results in health prevention and solving some diseases. If you can eat these foods correctly, you can also help yourself to treat and solve some diseases.