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The difference between air conditioning quilt and silk quilt Although the weather is hot, sleeping quilts should be covered at night. In summer, when choosing quilts, we usually compare air-conditioned quilts with silk quilts. What's the difference between them? What should we pay attention to when shopping?

The difference between air conditioning quilt and silk quilt

As the name implies, silk quilt is a quilt made of silk, and air conditioner can be made of many materials, with a wider range, which is suitable for use when air conditioner is on to prevent cold. Air conditioning is suitable for summer and autumn, and silk is suitable for winter and spring. Both are light and thin, but the silk quilt is relatively more skin friendly and comfortable, and can help sleep. But the price of real silk is much more expensive.

Air conditioning quilt and silk quilt, which is the best air conditioning quilt in the market, most of the fillers are made of ordinary fiber, which also has the characteristics of good air permeability and skin friendly; silk quilt can be said to be the last grade of ordinary air conditioning quilt, different skin types should choose different bedding, we should choose the right air conditioning quilt according to our own situation.

Definition of air conditioning quilt and silk quilt

1. Air conditioning quilt and different quilts only have the difference of filler, which is just a gimmick. Air conditioning is also known as summer cool quilt, and there is no strict demarcation line. There are many kinds of air conditioning quilt, such as Korean fragrant silk summer quilt, printed summer quilt, embroidered summer quilt, jacquard summer quilt, frosted summer quilt, ten hole silk summer quilt, silk quilt, etc. There are many fillers in the air conditioning quilt, such as three-dimensional curled cotton, microfiber, silk, down, etc. Air conditioning is not meant to be special for summer, it can be used in any season.

2. Silk quilt is a kind of air-conditioned quilt, a quilt filled with silk, and a kind of cool quilt in summer. Silks are smooth, breathable, gentle, hygroscopic, non itching and antistatic, making them the best material for making close fitting clothes. In ancient times, the quilts of dignitaries and relatives of the emperor were all silk quilts.

Guide to air conditioner selection

1. Duvet: in the south, the climate is sultry and hot in summer, and the new duvet has good air permeability, which is especially suitable. A good duvet is like a thermostat, except that each duvet can cover the highest temperature. It can absorb excess water vapor of human body. And the water vapor is discharged into the air. Keep duck down comfortable. The quilt will not be flattened by water vapor. So many advantages, of course, are not cheap. It usually costs several hundred yuan a bed.

2. Traditional summer quilt: most of the traditional summer quilt are chemical fiber materials such as four hole stable and seven lonely silk. Because of its fluffy appearance, it is easy to create the illusion of warmth, but in fact, it can't absorb warm air, so it can't store heat for the body. This way for people who are used to sleeping with the air conditioner or fan on at night. Traditional summer quilt is the worst choice, but the fluffy feeling is more suitable to be used as a cushion. The cheapness is the biggest feature of traditional summer quilt.

3. Silk thin quilt: silk has always been one of the natural materials favored by ancient emperors. Silk thin quilt is especially suitable for people who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time in summer and like to kick quilts in the middle of the night. Thin, warm and comfortable skin touch are many of the reasons for loving silk quilt. And the weight and light silk sponge also help to relax the muscles. It's even good for detoxification. The price of silk quilt is generally about 200 yuan per bed.