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Movie released in July 2018 recommended animated movie charm in July 2018 watching movies has become one of the most popular entertainment programs for people. Many people choose to go to the movies to kill their time when they are away from work and life. June has quietly ended, and July is about to start. What movies will be released in July 2018?

What are the films released in July 2018

Great class 8, grade 2

Release: July 5, 2018 type: Youth / campus / online film / novel adaptation / suitable for middle school students: Mainland

Starring: Liang Zhenlun / Wang Xinting

Introduce: "great high two eight classes" narrated the story that Zhang Junjia of high school student shoots campus micro film. Zhang Junjia is an ordinary high school student in class 8, grade 2, No. 1 middle school in Luzhou. He loves movies and fantasies. He often dreams about the scenes in horror movies. As the school art festival approaches, Zhang Junjia suddenly decides to shoot a 'Campus horror film'. During the shooting process, the students dressed up as weird laughed a lot at school, so they were under a lot of pressure from the school and parents. The small drama group was on the verge of collapse several times.

Domestic people

Release: July 4, 2018 type: action / plot / Adventure area: USA

Starring: Kate & Middleton; portsworth / sonoya Shuiye

Introduce: Taylor & middot; hodgling, Kate & middot; pottsworth, Sonora, and the domestic directed by Mike P. Nelson release the official poster. The story tells the story that a couple can go home only through struggle in the Midwest controlled by the mob. The film will be released in North America on July 4.

New big head son and small head father 3: Adventures in Russia

Release: July 6, 2018 type: Comedy / plot / animation / family / Adventure area: Mainland China

Starring: Scarab / Dong Hao / Ju Ping / Chen Su

Introduce: small head father takes the whole family to travel to Russia, big head son found the white night city that he drew is real existence in Russia, a family encounters traffic accident halfway, forced to stay in a small hotel at night, wake up the next day to find the world in big head son's painting -- white night city. They found that if they did not solve the crisis in the city, they could not get out of the world. The family experienced many difficulties in the city and finally returned to the real world.

Jue Jing 2

Cold blooded banquet released: July 6, 2018 type: science fiction / Fantasy area: Mainland

Starring: Fan Bingbing / Wu Yifan / Chen Xuedong / Chen Weiting / Wang Yuan / Lin Yun / Guo Caijie / Wang Junkai / Yi closing Qianxi / Wang Duo

Introduce: Guo Jingming's movie "jueji" has gathered almost all idol actors at present, such as: Yang Mi, Wu Yifan, Wang Yuan, Chen Weiting, Chen Xuedong & hellip; hellip;. The joining of these idol actors has made the movie "jueji" obtain super high popularity before it is started. After accumulating a high popularity, the sequel of jueji 2 will be released on July 6, 2018. The complete title of "jueji 2" is "jueji 2 cold-blooded banquet"

I'm not the God of Medicine

Release: July 6, 2018 type: Comedy / plot area: Mainland

Starring: Xu Zheng / Wang Chuanjun / Zhou Yiwei / Tan Zhuo / Gong BEIBI / Zhang Yu / Yang Xinming / Wang Yanhui / Jia Chenfei / Wang Jiajia / Li Naiwen

Brief introduction: under the supervision of Ning Hao, under the supervision of Xu Zheng, and directed by Wen Muye, "I'm not the God of medicine", the poster of "opening face and greeting guests" is released. The film tells the story of an ordinary man who became a hero because of medicine. Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng), a chronic myeloid leukemia patient, brought the generic veenat of the priceless drug (Gleevec) back from India for self-help, and sold it privately, causing police investigation. During this period, with the help and guidance of Dr. Schumann, Cheng Yong went from selfishness to selflessness, fought for the right to survival of patients, and finally surrendered himself to the case, winning dignity

Because you are you

Release: July 7, 2018 type: Love / plot area: Japan

Starring: Chi Songzhuang Liang / shimajima zhenzhijie / Dachang Xiaoer / songju Dawu / Gaoshan Zhenzhou / xiangjingli / jinhuayu

Introduce: Chi Songzhuang Liang, Jin Huayu, man shimajima Zhen Zhijie, Dachang Xiaoer and so on, song Ju Dawu self compiled and directed "you because you are you". The story revolves around a woman's love affair with three men in 10 years, and the three men respectively 'play' her ideal object. The film will be released in Japan on July 7.

July 2018 animated film wind Mantra

Release: July 13, 2018 type: Fantasy / animation region: Mainland

Starring: Yan Mengmeng / Chu Jun / Bian Jiang / Shanxin / Guo Zhengjian / Bai xuecen

Introduce: the film adapts from the country man 'draw the river lake' series, it is the first animation film of 'draw the river lake', narrate brand-new story, male and female leading role also debut for the first time. According to Director Liu Kuo, fans will be able to open a cutting tool shop because of the blades sent to us, which will ensure high production in the future. At the scene, Tao Hong also said that she participated in the selection of dubbing actors, but she was brushed because she did not meet the requirements. The film is set for July 13.


Release: July 13, 2018 type: action / love / Fantasy region: Mainland

Starring: Wu Lei / Liang Jiahui / Liu Jialing / Zhang Yishang / Wang Tiejun / Feng Jiayi / Mingdao / Dong Qi / dobujie

Introduction: since the creation of the world, life has been circulating in the world of heaven, Asura, man, Warcraft, hungry spirit and purgatory according to good and evil karma. King Asura, the king of desire, decided to launch a war to destroy the heaven and fill the six realms with the law of desire. King Asura was defeated and lost his head of insight. A hundred years later, King Asura wanted to launch the Second World War, but he had to find the soul of insight first. In a small mountain village, the little boy Ruyi lives with his grandmother. As time goes by, xiaoruyi grows up to be a happy shepherd.

Fairy treasure dream 2018

Release: July 13, 2018 type: animation region: Japan

Brief introduction: the 2018 theater version of elves' dream of Baoke series animation has been officially scheduled for release in Japan on July 13, 2018. This series of animation will launch a theater version every year. At present, the latest special video of 2018 has been released. In addition to Xiaozhi and picachutun, there is also a close-up of a new sister. She picked up Xiaozhi's hat, which implies that Is Xiaozhi going to start the rhythm of love? I'm looking forward to the development of the plot.

Pet secret 2

Release: July 13, 2018 type: Comedy / animation region: USA

Introduce: animated comedy film "love pet big secret" has gained 400 million box office on the first day of its release. The cute, cheap and funny pets in the film have captured the hearts of a large number of fans all over the world. "Pet secrets" is a film with both public praise and box office. After getting good results, the film's producers decided to launch the preparations for the sequel and to file pet secret 2 for release on July 13, 2018. The fourth story of pet secrets revolves around the story of all kinds of pets at home when the owner is not at home.

Smile of new Wulong hospital in the Jianghu

Release: July 13, 2018 type: Comedy / funny region: Mainland

Starring: Hao Shaowen / Wu Mengda / song Xiaobao / Cao Huaen / Huang Yici / Tian Yucheng / Guo Zirui / Zhang Yuexuan / Wang Ning / Kong lianshun / Wang Zhi / Liang Chao / Ye Quanzhen

Introduction: wulongyuan is a comedy film produced by Fujian Hengye Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and directed by Zhu Yanping. The film is adapted from the cartoon wulongyuan of the same name created by AO Youxiang, a famous comic master in Taiwan. The film will show you a few little child stars in the place where your father is going. It mainly tells about the two teachers who are gentle in appearance but deep in material and strong in attack Fu: Master Pang, master Changmei, and their disciples: the elder martial brother who has endless strength and infinite force but simple mind and developed limbs, and the younger martial brother who is smart and brave and capable.

Good prevails over evil

Release: July 13, 2018 type: action / love / Martial Arts / Adventure area: Mainland

Starring: Jiang Wen / Peng Yuyan / Liao Fan / Xu Qing / Zhou Yun

Introduce: "evil does not oppress right" (also known as "Xiayin") is a martial arts theme movie directed by famous director Jiang Wen and written by he Jiping. Adapted from Zhang Beihai's martial arts novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a young Xiake returning from overseas to revenge for his master. The film, together with Jiang Wen's first two works "let bullets fly" and "one step away", will form a "Beiyang Trilogy". The story takes place in 1936 in Peiping during the period of the Republic of China.