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What is the black technology VaR technology in the world cup

The world cup attracts attention and strives for public fairness. The referees on the field play a very important role. The 2018 World Cup has added the function of video referees, which has been praised by the fans. So what's the black technology in the world cup?

In the 1 / 8 finals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, England and Germany met on a narrow road. When England fell behind 1:2, Lampard hit the crossbeam with a brilliant shot, crossed the goal line and bounced back. However, the referee blew off the goal equalizing the score, which led to England's demoralization and lost to Germany 1:4.

Miscalculation is a common phenomenon in football match, which makes the match more dramatic, but also brings a lot of information and media disturbance.

In order to guarantee the fairness in the football field as much as possible. In March this year, the FIFA Council (hereinafter referred to as IFAB) voted to adopt VaR technology in the world cup in Russia, which will become the most powerful assistant for referees.

VaR, full name video assistant reference, video assistant referee, is the same as the main referee, the sideline referee and the fourth official on the court. It is the game official and enforces the whole game. They have a complete set of high-tech equipment, through watching the video, we can know whether the referee's decision is correct.

It includes the Hawkeye system.

Hawkeye system is a set of computer system used in cricket, tennis and other ball games. Its official name is instant playback system. With the help of computer calculation, the three-dimensional space in the competition field is divided into measurement units calculated in millimeters. Then, eight or ten high-speed cameras are used to capture the tennis flight path from different angles at the same time to get the basic data. Then, through computer calculation, these data are generated into three-dimensional images; Finally, using the real-time imaging technology, the tennis movement route and landing point can be clearly displayed from the large screen. From data acquisition to result demonstration, the process takes no more than 10 seconds.

In 2013, IFAB announced the adoption of door line technology in the Confederations Cup of Brazil and the world cup. The goal line technology consists of three kinds of systems: goal control, Hawkeye technology and CarIos GLT to determine whether the football completely crosses the goal line and scores effectively.

And VaR technology, including not only Hawkeye system and door line technology. As mentioned earlier, VaR is the abbreviation of video assistant referee, so var should be the general term of assistant referee and VaR technology.

In this world cup, VaR's studio is set up in Moscow. Different cameras from the Stadium record every game without dead space and transmit it to the studio in real time. The video assistant referee team watched the whole game, but they could not directly intervene in the game. Only when the referee made the following four mistakes, can they remind the referee to change the result of the penalty. At this time, the referee will go to the field and watch the video playback video transmitted by VaR to determine the penalty.

Application scope of VaR--

1) Whether the goal scoring is effective. (rule out fouls and make sure the goal is accurate)

2) Whether the penalty is correct. (whether there is any foul like diving or handball)

3) A direct red card (not a second yellow card).

4) Miscarriage of justice gave the player a red and yellow card.

When these four situations occur, the video assistant referee shall provide assistance.

Obviously, such a complex process will affect the fluency of the whole game. The experiment shows that the average time of VaR decision-making is about 65 seconds, among which the longest decision-making time is 267 seconds and the shortest decision-making time is 26 seconds.

In the Federation Cup held in June 2017, VaR technology was used in international competitions for the first time. Chilean players began to celebrate a goal scored by Chilean striker Vargas in the first half of the match between Chile and Cameroon when the referee declared the goal effective. The referee was reminded by the video assistant referee to confirm that Vargas was offside and the goal was invalid by watching the replay, which made the players happy for nothing. In the second half, J & middot Valdes, a Chilean player, scored a goal in stoppage time. The linesman raised his hand to show that he was offside first. However, the referee did not immediately award the penalty, but asked the video assistant referee to confirm that the goal was effective. Valdes and his teammates clapped to celebrate.

VaR technology makes the football match more fair and less conflict, but it is still criticized by people. Some media think technology is not mature enough. Some people think that miscalculation is also the charm of football and the subjective judgment of referees, without the intervention of other technologies.

China Super League starts to use VaR technology in 2018 season. In the second round of the match between Guizhou Hengfeng team and Hebei Huaxia happy team, there were five goals in the whole match, three of which were decided by the referee heixiaohu, who turned to VaR technology. In addition, the angle flagpole was broken. The whole match was up to 9 minutes, and the actual match time was more than 110 minutes, which led to the fans' protest. In order to reduce the disputes, the referee often resort to VaR technology, which is obviously contrary to the original intention of the football match, which greatly reduces its viewing and fluency.

Under the premise of objective and effective judgment, how to interfere with the competition as little as possible, especially how to guarantee the smooth progress of the competition as much as possible, I'm afraid that IFAB needs to make great efforts to solve the problem in the promotion and trial of the new season.

So, whether VaR technology can bring more exciting competition, this summer, let's look forward to it.