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How to repair quickly after sunburn? What will happen if the sun is not restored in time

It's time to whiten and sunscreen again in summer. Many netizens are trapped in a very distressed situation of sunburn. Their faces are red, dry and itchy. Let's take a look at how to repair them quickly after sunburn

the importance of repair in hot summer, not only to do a good job in sun protection, sun how to repair is not to be ignored. Because even if the protection is good enough, it can't be completely isolated from the damage of ultraviolet. Now let's learn how to repair after sun exposure. Don't wait until you are red and itchy.

After washing face with cold water, the skin will become red and hot easily. At this time, you need to calm it down. If possible, you can use a towel wrapped with ice to cool the red burned skin to slow down the local dryness and heat. Therefore, you need to wash with cold water and use your hands as little as possible. Otherwise, it will increase the generation of sunburn spots, which will shrink the pores and cool them at the same time. In the process of washing, the skin will feel very comfortable, and has an excellent effect of red and heat elimination.

The use of repair products can not be ignored, and the use of these repair products can help calm the skin better. It is better to refrigerate the product in the refrigerator in advance. Squeeze out the right amount in the palm, then gently smear it on the reddening and scalding position of the skin, with gentle pat. For forehead, tip of nose, cheeks and other places that are easy to desquamate, it is recommended to apply a cold cosmetic cotton dipped with repair products to help quickly replenish the water lost by skin.

Do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing the skin after sun exposure, do not use whitening products to go black, you should first supplement water for it, and keep the skin hydrated is the most important. When the skin is replenished with water, it can accelerate its metabolism, take away the heat on the surface, and make it feel comfortable. It is suggested that after moisturizing mask, you should apply some moisturizing lotion and lock water.

After the above steps, the high temperature of the skin surface has basically been relieved. At this time, we can use the make-up water containing natural plant whitening ingredients for preliminary whitening care, and it can also play a role of secondary cleaning. In addition, whitening ingredients can also quickly penetrate into the skin through water to achieve the initial whitening convergence effect.

Drink more water, don't forget to drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, e, etc., anti-inflammatory and whitening mung beans, job's tears soup.

In the evening, the key whitening work is to stay at night, because that can make the ingredients of whitening skin care products more effectively penetrate into the bottom of the skin, help repair the damaged cells, brighten the suntanned skin, and enhance the skin's ability to resist ultraviolet rays the next day.

If it is not necessary to do a good job of sun protection, try to avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in summer, because the sun is the strongest, the ultraviolet is the most powerful, and the damage to the skin is the greatest in a day. Wear hats, parasols, sunglasses and long sleeves to protect your skin when you go out.