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How to wean baby quickly

How to wean baby quickly it is a very important thing for a mother to wean her baby. If the baby is not properly handled during weaning, it is likely to affect the growth and development of her baby. Then how to wean her baby properly? What are the ways to wean her baby? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

Weaning method

1. Gradually reduce the number of times of feeding

To gradually reduce the number of times of feeding, you can first lose a meal of milk to your baby every day, and the amount of auxiliary food will increase accordingly. After a week, if the mother feels that the breast is not too swollen, and the baby's digestion and absorption are also very good, she can subtract another meal of milk, increase the amount of auxiliary food, and gradually transition to weaning.

2. Reduce the day and then the night

At the beginning of the milk reduction, the baby will be very attached to the mother's milk, so it's best to start from the day's milk. Because, in the daytime, there are many things that attract babies. They don't pay special attention to their mothers, but in the morning and at night, their babies are very attached to their mothers.

3. Give psychological comfort to the baby

Breast milk brings not only nutrients to the baby, but also a sense of trust and security from the mother. Cruel weaning method will hurt the baby's body and mind. Therefore, it is not allowed to use hasty and rigid methods to wean, such as making the baby suddenly separate from the mother, or weaning immediately, or applying bitter, spicy and other substances on the mother's nipple to give the baby unpleasant experience and so on.

4. Scientific addition of complementary food

4.1. Add only one meal at the beginning. It is recommended to add it in the morning or at noon. Pay attention to observe whether the baby has any adverse reactions.

4.2. After three days of introduction of milk powder, there is no allergic reaction, and another meal of milk powder can be added.

4.3. If the mother's milk is insufficient, considering that the baby wakes up at night due to hunger, you can try to add a meal of milk powder before going to bed, so that the baby can observe the situation of waking up at night after a full meal.

5. Weaning schedule

5.1. After preparing for weaning, you can feed in the morning and evening, and gradually replace the daytime milk with milk powder; working mothers can extend the time interval of pumping milk, and gradually transition to not pumping milk during work.

5.2. After the mother and the baby are adapted, they can replace the morning milk with milk powder, supplemented by a certain amount of complementary food.

5.3. Breast swelling is common in the process of weaning. You can pump out some (but not too much) with a sucking device properly, supplemented by some milk returning drinks; generally speaking, if the weaning schedule is longer, the mother and child will be more receptive and comfortable to pass this stage.

No weaning

1. Avoid fast weaning: if the mother is fully prepared, the mother and the baby can also adapt, and the time for weaning is ripe, then the mother can quickly wean the baby of breast milk. If it happens that mom has to go on a business trip for a while, she will probably be completely weaned in a few days. If the mother returns to work and no longer sucks, the daytime milk will soon be broken.

2. Avoid changing the baby's feeding habits: if the baby has a strong dependence on breast milk, sudden weaning may cause a sense of loss in the baby's heart. It is suggested that the mother can gradually wean. For example, from six times a day to five times a day, after a week or so, you can subtract one more meal of milk.

3. Avoid not actively feeding, but not refuse: when the mother is weaning, she can specifically and systematically let her baby eat less breast milk and more milk. At the beginning of weaning, the mother can give her baby some formula every day, or drink fresh whole milk. However, it should be noted that when the mother encourages the baby to drink more milk, if the baby wants to eat breast milk, the mother should not refuse.

How to wean the baby

First of all, you should choose a sucking device to help. When choosing a breast pump, we should pay attention to its suction must be moderate, and the nipple should not feel pain when using it. It is suggested to choose the automatic sucking device with the function of adjusting the sucking intensity, which can adjust the pressure and speed of the sucking device in time according to the actual situation.

After washing your hands, hold the whole breast, massage and squeeze it evenly and forcefully from all sides of the breast to the direction of the nipple, which can help to dredge the breast tube and promote the reduction and disappearance of skin edema. In the process of massage, if you find that a certain part of the breast has obvious pain, you can squeeze it slightly and discharge the accumulated milk, in order to prevent the blockage of the breast tube here, leading to mastitis.

For swollen and sagging breasts, soft cotton cloth can be used to make a wide bra to support, which can not only improve the blood circulation of the breast, promote lymph circulation, but also help to keep the breast tube unobstructed, so as to reduce the accumulation of milk and reduce the breast pain. Note that new mothers should not wear tight bras because they may inhibit milk production.

The new mother should ensure that the diet is light and not greasy. It's better not to drink too much milk promoting soup, and to eat high protein, high fat and high sugar foods, it must also be appropriate, so as to avoid the milk secretion is too strong and thick, and it is not easy to agglomerate and discharge in the breast.