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What's the meaning of poisonous milk? What's the origin of poisonous milk

What's the meaning of poisonous milk? What's the origin of poisonous milk

Four seas network: Network Vocabulary emerge in endlessly, with the world cup in full swing, toxic milk once entered the public field of vision, so do you know what is the meaning of toxic milk? What stem is poisonous milk? From where? Come and have a look.

Many commentators will send blessings to the team they support before the game, and even speculate that the team will win. This kind of speech is called "milk". When it is said that the "milk" team or players fail in performance, or the competition fails, they not only fail without milk, but also lose. So it's called toxic in milk. Therefore, the meaning of the word generally refers to that after the party favors and praises (milk) in the competition, the party makes a mistake or loses the competition (poisoned), which is actually the word "crow mouth" we often say. There is also a saying of "one mouthful of poisonous milk" in the actual use process.

The term was first used to describe Huang Xudong's explanation of StarCraft. The typical representative is that I was superstitious about science until I met Huang Xudong. Classic case:

In the 2014 WCS world finals, the promising players such as classic, soo and zest did not make it to the top eight. What's more ironic is that life is definitely a chicken! Go all the way and win the championship. Annaheim Council hall, the body of a scholar in 1898 is cool. Who carries the poison milk black pot? Cixi Xudong yellow!

On the fourth day of the world cup, Russia's World Cup was a surprise, and Germany lost to South Korea. Before the game, 'squid Liu' @ Liu Yuxi Rachel blogged that 'Germany wins over Korea', and as a result & hellip; & hellip; poison milk, I will take squid Liu!