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What's the crime of a girl biting a policeman while drunk

What's the crime of biting a police officer when a girl is drunk Recently, an incident happened in Beijing where a female college student bit a policeman. It is reported that a 20-year-old female college student was drunk on the street when she attended a friend's birthday party. A good hearted person called the police. Unexpectedly, the female college student bit and kicked the policeman who helped her. The woman was sued in court for being suspected of obstructing official business. What crime is it to beat the policeman? Let's see the details below!

When attending a friend's birthday party, a 20-year-old female college student, Jin Mou, was drunk and lying on the street. A kind-hearted person called the police, but unexpectedly, Jin Mou bit and kicked the police. This morning, Jin Mou, suspected of obstructing official business, was tried in Fengtai court. In the court, she said in tears that she regretted it and apologized to the injured police, "if the police didn't save me, I might have been sold to some place. The consequences are unimaginable. I'm sorry for my family and the police.".

Considering that Kim is still in college, and Kim has been pleading guilty, the judge in court sentenced Kim to be exempt from criminal punishment.

It is understood that Kim usually has excellent academic performance, has not been punished, and has not violated any discipline, so the school may retain its student status.

Freshman girl drank 8 liang of white wine in an hour

At 9 a.m., 20-year-old Jin was brought into the court. His voice was very low and his face was childish. As soon as he stood firmly in the defendant's seat, his eyes turned red.

Prosecutors allege that at 22 o'clock on July 1, 2017, the defendant Jin Mou fell to the ground drunk at the gate of the Mahua restaurant in the west of Fengtai North Road, Fengtai District. When the police arrived at the scene for disposal, Jin Mou bit the right forearm of Li Mou, the police officer, and scratched Jia Mou, the auxiliary police officer. After identification, the injury degree of Li is slight, and that of Jia is not slight.

'I drank 2 bars of beer and 7 or 8 bottles of white wine that day. I only remember that I sent a friend out of the house. I didn't know anything when the wind blew. When I woke up, I was at the police station the next morning.' Jin told the story of the release with his eyes red.

Police are looking for their families, female college students to bite

According to Jin, she is a freshman in a university. She just finished her test on the same day. In order to relax, she went to a friend's birthday party at the invitation of a friend. There were more than 10 people at the party. Jin only knew one friend. "I drank two bars of beer and seven or eight liang of white wine in an hour, and my friend also drank almost the same. My last memory is to go out to see my friend off and hit others I don't know how to be sent to the police station.

It is understood that a passer-by found Kim lying on the street that day, so passers-by called the police. When the police arrived at the scene, they found that Kim was drunk and contacted Kim's family. But Kim couldn't make it clear at all, so the police looked for his family from his mobile phone, but the mobile phone had a password, so the police pulled Kim's fingerprint to open the password, but Kim disagreed, They beat and scolded the police, and even scratched their arms.

Even the doctors who came later could not take them to the ambulance, and finally the police took them back to the police station.

Reporter engaged in the video of the scene saw that Kim was unstable, shouting, saw the police to call, she shouted, don't call my parents, and finally cried on the ground.

The first case of exemption from punishment awarded by the court

In court, Kim pleaded guilty and said he was sorry to his family and police.

At the final stage of the presentation, Kim cried and said: 'I'm sorry for my parents, and I'm especially sorry for the police who were bitten. Thank you for helping my police. I will accompany my parents and study hard in the future'.

After that, the judge pronounced in court, taking into account the guilty plea and the understanding of the injured police, the court finally exempted Kim from criminal punishment.

It is reported that the case is the first case in Beijing to be sentenced to a criminal punishment exemption from conviction since the pilot work of the leniency system of confession and punishment was carried out on November 16, 2016.

According to Dong Xiaoyu, the judge who handled the case, it took only 30 days from criminal detention to sentencing. The defendant Jin Mou has obtained the understanding of the police involved in the case. Based on the performance of the defendant's confession and repentance, in order to actively strive for the retention of student status, the defendant successfully returned to the society and returned to the school before the start of the school.

The school also showed proof before, also known as Kim's school is very good at ordinary times, the test results are in a, usually there is no violation of discipline.

After the trial, Jin's father told reporters that he never thought his daughter would behave like this: 'the child is usually very obedient and never drinks. She has struggled for 10 years to get into her favorite major'. After the incident, Jin's parents wrote an apology letter to the injured police.