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What are the differences between porridge and tangpaofan

Sihaiwang: Tang paofan, as a southerner, is not a stranger. Even northerners are increasingly doing so. They think that the nutrition is in the soup, and there are both soup and soup, which is convenient for children to eat. The food will be more delicious. But in fact, there are many misunderstandings in this idea. Soup and rice not only have no nutrition, but also bring a lot of harm. So what's the harm of rice soup? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

The harm of rice in soup

1. Cause stomachache

For people with strong stomach function, it is not a big problem to eat soup and pickled rice several times occasionally; but for people with poor stomach function, eating soup and pickled rice often will cause a great burden on gastrointestinal function, which will stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, and prone to gastric ulcer or distention, epigastralgia and other symptoms.

2. Prone to fullness

With soup soaked rice, its capacity will increase, so that children will easily feel full after eating, and the corresponding intake of each meal will be reduced.

In the long run, children have been in a state of semi hunger, which will affect their growth and development.

3. Inadequate chewing

Although pickled rice is easy to swallow, it will reduce the secretion of saliva due to the insufficient comminution of food. Salivary secretion process can remove and wash the food residues attached to teeth and oral cavity. There are some lysozymes in saliva, which have certain bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, which are important for the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases. In addition, chewing exercise can promote the normal development of teeth, mandible and face, promote local blood circulation and lymph circulation, and enhance metabolism. If chewing is not enough, these functions will be weakened, which will affect the symmetry and beauty of facial muscles.

4. Anorexia

Swallowing paofan can reduce chewing action, reduce the reflex effect of chewing, and reduce the amount of digestive fluid secreted by stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. The large food particles that have not been finely ground enter the digestive tract directly, which requires the digestive organs to secrete more digestive fluid and obtain more energy for digestion. In the long run, appetite will gradually decrease.

5. Affect digestion

The meal without chewing will increase the burden on the stomach, and the excess soup will dilute the gastric juice, which will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and it is easy to cause stomach disease after a long time.

For the children in the growing period, eating pickled rice is more harmful. Because long-term consumption of paofan will not only hinder the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, but also reduce the masticatory function and shrink the masticatory muscles. At the same time, it is easy for children to develop bad eating habits.

Why is tangpaofan harmful?

The food we eat is first processed in our mouth. The hard teeth are like a clever grinder, which cuts and grinds the big food into small particles. At the same time, salivary glands constantly secrete saliva, and the tongue constantly stirs food to make food and saliva fully mix. After mixing, the amylase in saliva can have chemical effect with the starch in food, turning the starch into maltose, which is convenient for further digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract. When the tongue is stirring food, the taste of food can stimulate the taste nerve on the tongue. The taste nerve immediately reports to the brain. When the brain receives the report, it immediately orders the stomach and pancreas to produce digestive fluid and prepare for receiving food.

Soup and rice broke the working procedure. When rice and water are mixed, they often slip into their stomachs before they are chewed up. The food is not fully chewed, the saliva is secreted less, the mixing and mixing with the food are uneven, the amylase is also diluted by water, plus the taste nerve is not fully stimulated, the stomach does not receive the signal, and the gastric juice secreted is also less, even the little gastric juice secreted is diluted by water. In this way, the various processes of the digestive system are disordered, which will cause stomach disease for a long time.