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Nutritional value of lotus root sweet osmanthus cake how to make lotus root sweet osmanthus cake

Sihaiwang: lotus root powder and osmanthus sugar are both famous traditional snacks in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. They are combined to make lotus root powder osmanthus cake, which becomes a unique and exquisite cake with Jiangnan flavor. Today, Xiaobian reveals the nutritional value and practice of lotus root powder and sweet osmanthus cake.

The practice of lotus root powder and sweet osmanthus cake -- the nutritional value of lotus root powder and sweet osmanthus cake

Nutritional value of lotus root powder and sweet osmanthus cake

1. Heat clearing and blood cooling:

Lotus root has the function of clearing away heat and cooling blood, which can be used to treat heat diseases;

2. Defecate, relieve diarrhea, invigorate the spleen and appetizer:

Lotus root contains mucin and dietary fiber, which can combine with bile acid salt, cholesterol and triglyceride in human body, so that it can be discharged from feces, thus reducing the absorption of lipids. Lotus root exudes a unique fragrance, but also contains tannin, which has a certain effect of strengthening the spleen and relieving diarrhea, can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetizer and healthy, and is beneficial to the recovery of the poor appetite and poor appetite;

3. Benefiting blood and generating muscle:

Lotus root has high nutritional value, rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamin and starch content is also very rich, it has obvious tonic Qi and blood, enhance human immunity. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine calls it "tonifying the middle and nourishing the spirit, supplementing qi and strength";

4. Stop bleeding and remove stasis:

Lotus root contains a lot of tannic acid, which can constrict blood vessels and stop bleeding. Lotus root can cool blood and disperse blood. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that it can stop bleeding without blood stasis. It is a good food therapy for fever.

Practice of lotus root powder and sweet osmanthus cake

Ingredients: milk, lotus root powder, flour, sugar, osmanthus sugar, fermentation powder.


1. After the milk and the fermentation powder are stirred evenly, add the lotus root powder, flour, osmanthus sugar and white sugar and stir again;

2. Brush a layer of oil in the mould, pour in the batter, about 6-7 minutes full, and then put it in a warm place to ferment to 8-9 minutes full;

3. Put the fermented batter into the steamer and steam it over medium or low heat for about 40 minutes.