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What are the majors that can be selected for liberal arts and Science in 2018

What are the majors that can be selected for liberal arts and Science in 2018 in the inherent impression of many people, liberal arts students can only choose some literature majors, while science students can only learn some related majors such as biology, chemistry and physics. In fact, there are many majors that are both liberal arts and science. Let's take a look at the majors that can be selected by liberal arts and Science in 2018.

There are many majors in Arts and Sciences, including:

Economics, including finance, finance, international economy and trade, finance and securities, accounting, economics, etc;

Sports, including sports training, competitive sports, sports fitness and security;

Foreign languages and literature, including English, German, French, Japanese, business English, etc;

Art, including musicology, painting, performance, photography, film and television advertising, image design, etc;

Traditional Chinese medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine, orthopedic science of traditional Chinese medicine, integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, etc;

Pharmacy, including Chinese medicine, drug marketing, etc;

Management science and engineering, including information management and information system, engineering management, economic information management, etc;

Business management, including business management, tourism management, financial management, accounting, marketing, financial management, human resource management, etc;

Public management, including administrative management, customs management, land resource management, public utilities management, labor and social security, etc;

Journalism and communication, including journalism, editing and publishing, military news, etc;

Agricultural and forestry economic management, including agricultural and forestry economic management, rural regional development, etc;

Pedagogy, including special pedagogy, pedagogy, preschool education, etc.