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19 people died, sentence announced, the whole story of 19 people died Recently, the great murder case in Qujing, Yunnan Province, which caused a stir in the whole country, was sentenced to death for the murder of 19 suspects, depriving political rights for life. The unforgivable murderer first killed his parents, and then killed 17 people in the same village. Let's see the details of the case!

On the morning of July 28, 2017, the intermediate people's Court of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, publicly sentenced Yang Qingpei in the first instance in the court of Huize County People's Court of Qujing City for intentional homicide, sentenced him to death for intentional homicide and deprived him of political rights for life.

The people's Procuratorate of Qujing City, Yunnan Province accused Yang Qingpei, the defendant, of being scolded by his father when he asked for money from his parents due to debt at the leeward house of YEMA village committee in houbu Town, Huize County, on the evening of September 28, 2016, which resulted in two deaths. And when they absconded from home, they killed 17 people in the same village for fear of being found. On September 29, the police arrested Yang Qingpei in Kunming. Accordingly, the public prosecution accused the defendant Yang Qingpei of intentional homicide.

In the process of handling the case, the relevant departments have properly dealt with the aftermath work of 19 victims. The family members of the victims apply to the people's court for withdrawing the incidental civil action, and the court, after examination, complies with the relevant provisions of the law, makes a ruling to grant permission.

After the trial, the court found out that the criminal facts charged by the public prosecution were true and the charges were established. The defendant Yang Qingpei intentionally killed 19 people, the circumstances were particularly bad, the means were particularly cruel, and the consequences were particularly serious, so he should be severely punished. Although he truthfully confessed the facts of his crime after the case was filed, he had a good attitude of confession and showed repentance, it was not enough to punish him lightly. Accordingly, the court sentenced the defendant Yang Qingpei to death and deprived him of political rights for life. After the first trial, Yang Qingpei said he would not appeal. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Case details:

On September 29, a huge homicide occurred in YEMA village, houbu Town, Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province. Under the command of the Ministry of public security and the provincial public security department, Qujing and Kunming public security organs worked together. After 33 hours of hard work, the case was successfully solved.

After on-the-spot investigation, investigation, interview, inspection and appraisal by the public security organ, it has been found out that the case is a homicide case caused by family conflicts and disputes. The suspect, Yang Qingpei, usually works in Kunming. On September 28, he returned to YEMA village at noon. In the evening, when he asked his parents for money, he had a dispute with his parents. After killing their parents, he worried about the exposure of the crime and killed 17 neighbors. Of the 19 people killed, 11 were men and 8 were women, of whom the oldest was 72 years old and the youngest was only 3 years old. Of the 19, 4 are minors. Yunnan police confirmed that the above summary is true. Yang Qingpei was arrested in Kunming on the afternoon of the 29th and confessed to the crime. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link: