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What's the ending colored egg of wolf 2? Did wolf 3 shoot? When will it be released?

Did you watch the colored egg at the end of the movie "wolf 2"? The colored egg is about Leng Feng's vacation when he suddenly receives a video call from the leader. The video shows that his wife is not dead. So wolf 3 should tell the story of cold Feng rescuing long Xiaoyun. When is warwolf 3 on?

Long Xiaoyun was kidnapped by Somali pirates or people dressed as is, so long Xiaoyun was hijacked by another group of people. He should not have died. Wu Jing must have gone back to save her. "Wolf 2" is a very good movie on the whole, worth the ticket price.

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Will wolves have a third one

Judging from the colored eggs in this movie, the war wolf should have a third one, and it is said that the third script of the war wolf has all. Before the first movie was released, the voice of shooting sequels in "war wolf" became louder and louder. Wu Jing himself did not deny that in fact, the preliminary script of "war wolf 3" had been completed. 'now I want to make wolf 2 first. There are many things in the first movie that haven't been finished, involving funds and other reasons. I hope to make up for the regret of the first movie. 'how will the sequel of "war wolf" be filmed? Wu Jing points to his head and smiles.' it's all in my mind. I can't tell you that many people copied my ideas. 'he revealed that he also wanted to make a movie about Chinese Kung Fu,' many people's understanding of Chinese kung fu movies is too superficial, that is, fighting, killing and killing? I don't think so. 'Wu Jing also revealed that when "wolf 1" started shooting, there had been three series plans, and "wolf 2" had been released. I believe that "wolf 3" is not far away. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

The evaluation of wolf 2

1. It's really a bloody movie that can't be calmed down for a long time & hellip; especially the opening underwater long shot, it's suffocating and too tight to watch, and the scene of African factory tank drift & hellip; is very burning and big, better looking than the first one! I feel the director's earnest effort and all his efforts. Zhang Han's role is also super surprise, likes + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1. Out of the cinema, I want to search for the wind and go to the cloud without going back to this song. I was deeply stabbed and immediately linked up with the emotion of "wolf 1". I was really moved. The end of the egg and soundtrack are also very flammable, a lot of temperament, I think China can also have such a series of blockbusters, especially to force. Looking forward to war wolf 3.

2. As a wolf fan, please don't spray if you don't like it. Before it was released, many people said that inviting Zhang Han was a failure. He didn't have the air of killing soldiers. Zhang Han acted as a dandy young man, but after the initial cowardice in the battle, he showed a man's responsibility and bravery! Many people still don't understand why the people in laocang room ran out. That's because Wu Jing didn't record the evidence in the recording process, so he We rushed out to provide evidence! Because the Chinese army must have evidence to get permission to fire. They are brave warriors who dare to face the dripping and blood! Finally, briefly say some loopholes. First, personal heroism is too much. I can play the whole movie. Second, mercenaries. Top mercenaries will kill their employers. Third, Secretary Dakang, of course, plays in minutes. Finally, the general feeling is that no matter where you are in the world, the motherland is your most solid backing!!! (this article is compiled exclusively by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

3. The rescue and evacuation of overseas Chinese appearing in "wolf 2" seem to reveal more truly the contents behind those seemingly exciting news events, such as the serious loss of life and property suffered by Chinese people and Chinese companies in the civil strife in Africa and Middle East countries, among which there must be braver Chinese people to make braver sacrifice, etc.

4. Now, most of our audiences must regard this movie as an action and gunfight movie, but to be honest, it is a serious international military and political movie with a big pattern less than that of the previous Chinese films. I personally think this is a very successful aspect of this movie, which shows the story of countless Chinese people struggling to live outside the motherland.

5. In the movie, Ding Haifeng, the commander of a fleet of PLA Navy, orders the troops to use missiles to directly attack the African terrorist organizations and Western mercenaries who massacre Chinese compatriots at a critical moment, especially the moment when he stands in front of the camera and yells' fire 'at the top of his voice, which will surely get the audience's echo.