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What is the meaning of Weibo plus dog head

What is the meaning of Weibo plus dog head

Haige entertainment news friends who often visit Weibo often see comments and dog heads, many of them say they can't understand them. Some comment areas even add a dog head expression directly. What does Weibo and dog heads mean? What's the barrier of Weibo plus doghead? Come and have a look.

What is the meaning of Weibo plus dog head

In fact, sometimes for some specific topics, netizens comment will say some irony. What they actually express is not literal meaning, but ironic meaning. But because some netizens can't brush comments in time, they will bring their heads with them to show that they are friendly and avoid being hurt by netizens.

What's the problem with Weibo and doghead

The representative words are from the perspective of irony, and I'm a friendly dog headed army. Don't hurt me by mistake

When the dog's head makes some irony in the comments to express the completely opposite meaning of what he said, it will be added to the end of the article, which is the meaning of the friendly army. Origin: some people with low education can't understand irony. When commenting, the person who said the opposite with the positive words was injured by the friendly army of primary school students, so the dog's head was put behind the words, which means that the sentence should be read in the opposite direction.

How to hit the dog's head on Weibo

Click the expression pack that comes with microblog, and you can find it directly in the expression of microblog.