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What is Laobian dumpling? How to make Laobian dumpling

Dumpling is one of the most important pasta in China. It's not only a symbol of the festival, but also a kind of food for Chinese New Year's day long ago. Now it can be eaten if you want to eat it every day. Have you heard of the old dumplings? What is Laobian dumpling? Let's have a look.

The cultural connotation of Laobian dumplings

Dumpling has a history of more than one thousand years. Like any valuable commodity in the world, it contains rich cultural connotation. With the continuous development of dumpling production technology, the gradual variety of dumplings, the taste methods and feelings of dumplings, the spirit and quality of dumplings, and President Lin Lin, it constitutes a unique 'dumpling culture'. Laobian dumpling has been published for more than 160 years. It is a magnificent and wonderful flower of dumpling culture. Laobian dumpling, with its unique taste, rich nutrition, style and quality, contains philosophy and historical origin, is a kind of culture infiltrated into the field of human spirit from diet.

Dumplings are one of the important food of the Spring Festival. Most of the time in the first month is dominated by dumplings, which means that the new year and the old year are at the same time, so they are called dumplings. Like traditional dumplings, Laobian dumplings look like Yuanbao, with the blessings of the next year's wealth rolling in them. As the traditional food of the Chinese nation, Laobian dumpling has gone beyond the connotation of itself as a food, and has become a profound food culture in China. Dumplings are endowed with many cultural connotations.

It's hard to say how much people in the North like dumplings. No matter how sunny, cold and warm they are, or whether it's snowing to smooth rivers or ice to cover mountains and rivers, or whether it's far away or close, they have to go home to eat dumplings. Time after time home, time after time on the road, new year's Eve a family reunion together to eat a meal of old dumplings is the end, but also the starting point.

The practice of Laobian dumplings

Laobian dumpling is a famous traditional flavor food in Shenyang, and it is a famous snack at home and abroad. Laobian dumplings with delicious taste and rich fillings have always been a delicacy in people's hearts, especially during the Spring Festival, dumplings are one of the indispensable protagonists on the table. The whole family get together and eat Laobian dumplings, which is a unique happiness of Chinese people. The festival atmosphere is even hotter. How to make such a famous place at home and abroad? Here's how to make Laobian dumplings:

The most important thing about Laobian dumplings is the mixing of stuffing. Stir fry the meat stuffing, add chicken soup or bone soup and feed slowly, let the soup dip into the stuffing, the meat stuffing absorb the taste of the soup, make it swell, scatter, water and increase the flavor. You can also add different vegetables according to different tastes, and mix the vegetables and meat stuffing well.

The manufacture of Jiaopi is also an important part of Laobian jiaozi. Add some cooked lard into the flour and mix it with boiling water. Knead the dough fully to make the dumpling skin soft, smooth and transparent.

Then we started to make the old dumplings. We rubbed the dumpling skin into strips and then pulled them to print a preparation. Then we rolled them into a slightly thick bowl shaped dumpling skin in the middle of hailstones, wrapped them with stuffing and kneaded them into crescent shaped dumplings. Then we put them into the cage and put them on the boiling pot and steam them with high fire.

When making Laobian dumplings, we should pay attention to the fact that when we stir fry the stuffing, we can add chicken soup properly and simmer slightly. If there is a lot of soup, we can thicken it with wet starch to make it smooth. The dumpling dough should be a little harder to keep the flexibility and strength of the dumpling skin. The stuffing can be diversified, and can be mixed with meat or vegetable.

Introduction to Laobian dumplings

Jiaozi is an ancient traditional pasta of Han nationality, which is deeply loved by the people of China. It is the food for the Spring Festival in most parts of northern China. Jiaozi has a long history. It is said that it was invented by Zhang Zhongjing, a doctor in Nanyang of the Eastern Han Dynasty. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Zilie made a good explanation: 'Jiaoer, a Duancheng style food, tangzhonglao pill, or fanjiao, is read as Jiao by the northerners. It is called Jiaoer because of its bait. 'during the Spring Festival, dumplings become a necessary delicacy for northerners. Laobian dumpling is one of the representatives with a long history. It is a famous Shenyang spot both at home and abroad.

Laobian dumpling is made by bianzhang. It is said that he opened bianjia dumpling restaurant in Shenyang during Daoguang period. Although its appearance is simple, it is well-known for its elaborate production and unique flavor, and it is popular among people. Due to the continuous development of business and continuous improvement of enterprises, Laobian dumpling has developed into a professional dumpling restaurant with complete equipment and fine division of labor.

It has a history of more than 160 years since its creation. Laobian dumpling is famous for its unique stuffing and skin making. Chicken soup or bone soup is added to the stuffing to slowly feed, so that the soup can be immersed into the stuffing, making it swell, scattered, watery and fresh. It tastes fresh, mellow and delicious.

Laobian dumpling is not only famous all over the country, but also famous overseas. Hou Baolin, a famous art master, came to taste Laobian dumplings in person. He was very excited and praised. During the dinner, he wrote eight big words: "Bian's dumplings are the best in the world". After tasting Laobian dumplings, Deng Xiaoping exclaimed that "Laobian dumplings have their own unique features, so they should be kept".