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What kind of people should not take Guyuan ointment

Sihaiwang: Women's Qi and blood are sufficient to have a good look, so women should pay special attention to replenishing blood after menstruation. Among them, jujube, donkey hide gelatin and walnut are common blood tonic foods. If these foods are combined, they are Guyuan cream, which we often call. Guyuan cream is especially suitable for women to replenish qi and blood, and for the elderly, it can also strengthen the body. Then, in addition, what are the efficacy and effect of Guyuan cream? Which people should not eat Guyuan cream? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Effect and function of Guyuan ointment

1. Beauty and beauty care: Guyuan cream moistens the skin by nourishing blood, which is beneficial to skin health care. Long term use can make the face ruddy, the skin delicate and glossy. It's a good product for nourishing skin and beauty.

2. Regulating menstrual function: Guyuan ointment can be used for irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis and blood heat, which is beneficial to regulating menstrual function. Guyuan cream can nourish Yin blood and benefit Chong Ren, so it can nourish and calm the fetus and regulate pregnancy diseases. It has a good therapeutic effect on the common unfixed fetal elements, restless fetal movements and even abortion.

3. Treatment of various anemia: iron deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia and other diseases have obvious effect.

4. Enhance the immune function of the body: A Jiao Guyuan cream can increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the non-specific immune function of the body. Guyuan plaster has a better therapeutic and preventive effect on the elderly and the weak, the chronically ill and the weak, the susceptible to cold and other physical decline, so as to enhance the immunity and reduce the disease.

5. Brain tonic effect: Guyuan cream contains a variety of effective ingredients that can relieve learning tension, make the brain and the whole body get a full rest, which is conducive to improving the physique, strengthening the body and invigorating the spirit. Donkey hide gelatin contains small molecule active peptide, which can enhance the memory and recognition ability of the body, and has strong anti fatigue effect.

6. Delayed aging effect: A Jiao Guyuan cream contains gelatinogen, bone collagen, protein, various trace elements, various amino acids, etc. These are important nutrients of human body, which have obvious anti-aging and longevity effects.

7. Strengthening the muscles and bones: Guyuan cream can nourish the blood, nourish the tendons, lubricate the joints, enrich the bone marrow, spinal cord, and brain marrow, so it can strengthen the muscles and bones, fluently joint, and resist the injury of rheumatism.

8. Anticancer effect: it is found that Guyuan plaster has two-way regulatory effect on cellular immunity. It can enhance the activity of NK cells, and NK cells play a certain role in the inhibition of tumor. In addition, donkey hide gelatin can promote the lymphocyte transformation of healthy people, but also can improve the lymphocyte transformation rate of cancer patients, which can help to fight cancer, slow down tumor growth, improve symptoms and prolong life. When using radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Guyuan plaster can reduce side effects, enhance the Constitution and enhance the drug tolerance.

9. Calcium supplement effect: Guyuan cream contains rich calcium. Through the action of glycine, it can promote the absorption and storage of calcium, improve the balance of calcium in the body, and prevent and treat osteoporosis. It is the most ideal supplement in the health care of middle-aged and old people.

10. Vasodilative effect: Guyuan ointment has obvious inhibitory effect on the increase of blood viscosity. It can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, resist arrhythmia and so on. It can make hypertension and hypotension return to normal state.

Guyuan cream is not suitable for the following people

1. If there is excess heat, phlegm heat, damp heat or qi stagnation, it is not suitable to take Guyuan ointment.

2. Those with dampness obstruction, middle fullness, loose stools or diarrhea, deficiency of Yin, hyperactivity of fire, hot phlegm and cough, internal stagnation of fire and unclear external sensation should not take Guyuan ointment.

3. People with weak spleen and stomach, bad appetite, or people with worse appetite after taking Guyuan cream, distension, fullness and diarrhea.

4. People who are easy to get angry are easy to grow beans. They are red and restless. They are like people who have a heavy fire and are full of yin and empty fire.

5. People with irregular menstruation should know that there are many reasons for irregular menstruation, such as yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, kidney deficiency, spleen deficiency, liver depression, Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency. These reasons can lead to irregular menstruation, sometimes for several reasons! And Guyuan cream is only suitable for some people with irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency and yang deficiency, and others are not suitable for eating. But in the menstruation not to adjust, if discovers has the dysmenorrhea, the blood lump, these two kinds of situations cannot eat.

6. People with high blood pressure and high blood fat can't eat it. If Guyuan cream is eaten, it will make blood pressure higher. If Guyuan cream is eaten, it will make blood fat higher and blood vessels blocked. So these people should not eat it.

7. Children under the age of 8 are not suitable to eat, because they are still in the development period, the spleen and stomach function is delicate, which is easy to cause the spleen and stomach function to decline.

8. The south is hot and humid, so we should eat less, while the north is more suitable; the spring and summer are not suitable, and the autumn and winter are suitable. People who are thinner and fatter should also eat less.