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What are the benefits of eating Hawthorn? What should we pay attention to

hawthorn is a common food in our life. The candied haws sold on the market are made of hawthorn. Many people like to eat hawthorn, but do you know what are the benefits of eating Hawthorn? What are the benefits of eating Hawthorn in life? Let's have a brief look.

1. Hawthorn has the function of keeping beauty and slimming. Hawthorn, a woman's weight-loss tablet, contains vitamin C, carotene and other substances, which can block and reduce the generation of free radicals, enhance the immunity of the body, and have the function of anti-aging and anti-cancer. Women who eat Hawthorn more can eliminate the body fat and reduce the absorption of fat, which can achieve the effect of beauty and slimming for women who love beauty.

2. Hawthorn can reduce blood pressure, lipid, antioxidation, enhance immunity, eliminate harmful bacteria in gastrointestinal tract, and prevent liver cancer. When a man has fatty liver, he should nourish the liver, nourish the liver and protect the liver, and push Hawthorn first. Hawthorn, which can help digestion, has the effect of nourishing liver and removing fat

3. Hawthorn can significantly reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride, and effectively prevent atherosclerosis; hawthorn can also strengthen the heart and prevent heartburn by enhancing myocardial contractility, increasing cardiac output, expanding coronary artery blood vessels, increasing coronary blood flow, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, etc. In addition, the total flavonoids in Hawthorn can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure for a long time.

4. Hawthorn can't be eaten on an empty stomach. It contains a lot of organic acid, fruit acid, hawthorn acid, citric acid, etc. if eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause a sharp increase in gastric acid, cause adverse stimulation to the gastric mucosa, and make the stomach fuller and pantothenic acid. If eaten on an empty stomach, it will enhance the hunger and increase the original stomach pain.

5. Eat less raw hawthorn. The tannic acid contained in raw hawthorn is easy to form gastrolith when combined with gastric acid, which is difficult to digest. If gastrolith cannot be digested for a long time, it will cause gastric ulcer, bleeding and even perforation. Therefore, we should try to eat raw hawthorn as little as possible, especially for people with weak gastrointestinal function. The doctor suggested that you had better boil the Hawthorn before eating it.

The above is a brief introduction to the benefits of hawthorn. Although hawthorn is a good thing, pregnant women can't eat hawthorn, because Hawthorn has the effect of contracting the uterus, which is easy to cause abortion. It may not be a problem to eat Hawthorn properly, but it's not enough to eat too much. You can't eat anything more. Eating too much will have a certain impact on your body.