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How to keep healthy in summer

Summer climate is hot and hot. It's an uncomfortable season. Many people are concerned about how to spend the heat, so how to keep healthy in summer? Six practical tips for keeping healthy make you feel at ease in summer.

Drink milk often - detoxify heat

According to traditional Chinese medicine, milk is sweet and cold. It has the functions of moistening the lung, stomach, skin, promoting the body fluid, moistening the intestine, defecating, tonifying the deficiency and relieving the heat and toxin. Scientific research has found that milk contains a variety of immunoglobulins, such as anti Salmonella antibodies, which can greatly enhance human immune and disease resistance. However, drinking milk in summer should prevent the milk from spoiling. Milk is rich in nutrients, and it is easy to become a medium for bacterial reproduction in summer. Therefore, fresh milk should be boiled and drunk after it is bought back. It is better to boil and drink it now. The rest of the milk should be kept in the refrigerator at 4 ℃. Be careful not to freeze, or the nutrients will be destroyed.

The temperature is not high - heat stroke may also occur

Heatstroke depends not only on temperature, but also on humidity. Even if the temperature is not too high at 30 ℃ ~ 31 ℃, if the humidity reaches 85%, the pores open but can not sweat, there is also the possibility of heatstroke. There is also a kind of "summer heat", which is different from the summer heat in the sun. If you take a bath, eat too much cold drink or sleep with the air conditioner on immediately after exercise, when the pores open, you will let the summer evil or wet evil take the opportunity to enter. This kind of situation often can have a headache afraid of cold, the nose is stuffy and runny, the throat is painful and the throat is dry, the limbs ache, even vomit, diarrhoea. In addition to simple window ventilation, heatstroke prevention should also protect the good mood, make the spirit full, and avoid the interference of external bad mood.

Watermelon helps you fight UV

Watermelon is the fruit with the most water in summer. Watermelon can not only supplement the water of human body, but also has the effect of skin care. Because the water of watermelon is sufficient and easy to be absorbed by the skin, it has the effect of moistening the skin, and the watermelon contains amino acids, so watermelon also has the effect of sunscreen and whitening.

Treating prickly heat - Bathing with herbs

In midsummer, the weather is often hot and humid, and the hot and humid air is steaming. The weather is sultry, and it is easy to suffer from scabies, prickly heat, etc. Pay attention to skin care, and properly use some natural herbal bathing, it will be a healthy, comfortable summer. Such as mulberry leaf bath, put about 100g mulberry leaf into the pot to boil for 10-15 minutes, and then pour into the tub, which can eliminate skin acne, boils, etc. More convenient is to add ten drops of a heatstroke medicine into the bath water and wipe the body.

Wear silk clothes - do not tan

For those of you who are afraid of sunburn, wear a light long sleeve 'sun suit' in the sun. It is recommended that you choose silk shawl, because the protein molecular structure of silk fiber contains aromatic amino acids, which has a good absorption of ultraviolet. Although it's uncomfortable to wear nylon like silk, it also has good absorption to ultraviolet rays, because this kind of fiber is of benzene ring structure. The pure cotton clothing is the most popular summer fabric with comfortable wearing, good perspiration absorption and air permeability. Unfortunately, it is the fabric with the easiest UV penetration.

Make good use of it - a chance to lose weight

Because metabolism is accelerated and appetite is not decreased, summer is the best time to lose weight. At this time, you can maintain the basic metabolism with a light diet, while doing more exercise to increase consumption. Those little fat meat that can't be eaten in winter seems to be less difficult to deal with at this time.