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Women often eat the benefits of pig's hoof

Four seas network: speaking of pig's hooves, I believe everyone is familiar. Pig's hoof is rich in collagen, which is the favorite of many women, because we all know that eating pig's hoof can beautify the skin. Women love beauty, and most of them like it, so pig's hoof is their best choice. For pregnant women, pig's hoof is also important, because pig's hoof can promote breast milk, so pregnant women and mothers who have just given birth cannot do without pig's hoof. However, our understanding of the nutritional value of pig's hoof is limited to this, so what is the benefit of eating pig's hoof for our health? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Pig's hoof is rich in collagen protein, which is a cheap cosmetic food. Macromolecular collagen protein has a special nutritional effect on the skin, which can promote the absorption and storage of water by skin cells, prevent the skin from drying and wrinkling, and make it moist, full, smooth and smooth. Pig's hoof has some auxiliary effects on the patients with frequent limb fatigue, leg cramp, numbness, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock and ischemic encephalopathy. It also helps the growth of teenagers and slows down the rate of osteoporosis in middle-aged and old women.

Pig's hoof is rich in collagen, which can promote the growth of fur, pre treat progressive muscular dystrophy, improve coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, and have a certain effect on gastrointestinal hemorrhage and dehydration shock. In addition, the elastin in pig's hoof is also very rich. It can increase the elasticity and toughness of the skin, increase the blood circulation, provide sufficient nutrition, lighten or disappear wrinkles, and make the skin tender and delicate, bright and white.

In addition, the pig's hoof tendons in pig's hoof meat are relatively tough, so it takes a lot of effort to chew. In this way, in the process of eating pig's hoof tendons, the chewing muscles and facial muscles are exercised, the muscle fibers are thickened, the volume is increased, and the gills are full. The results of observation by some domestic and foreign beauty masters show that people who often eat pig's hooves can make their faces grow evenly and plump, and prevent the occurrence of 'monkey's pointed face' with wide upper and narrow lower parts. With the increase of age, the facial muscles and masticatory muscles of middle-aged and old people gradually atrophied, such as often gnawing pig's hooves, which is of great significance to keep their face healthy.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when people reach a certain age, kidney essence deficiency, low back and legs, hunchback, faltering gait and other phenomena will occur. At this time, such as eating pig's hooves, can make feet strong, fill kidney essence and make waist and feet healthy.

In addition, after people eat pig's hooves, the collagen in the human small intestine can be digested into a large number of glycoprotein acids. These amino acids not only participate in the synthesis of collagen in the human body, but also are a central nervous inhibitory substance in brain cells, which can produce a sedative effect on the central nervous system.

Although pig's hooves have many health preservation values, they are not suitable for all people. Because the gastrointestinal digestive function of the elderly is weakened, and the fat content of pig's hoof is high, so you can't eat too much each time, so as to avoid indigestion and affect appetite. For the elderly with chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis and gallstones, it's better not to eat pig's hoof, otherwise it will aggravate the disease or induce the recurrence of the old disease.

It should be noted that patients with hyperlipidemia cannot eat pig's hooves. No matter the cholesterol content increases, or the triglyceride content increases, or both, they are collectively referred to as hyperlipidemia. Every 100 grams of pig's hoof contains 192 milligrams of cholesterol. In addition, people who plan to lose weight, eat dinner too late or should not eat pig's hooves before going to bed to avoid increasing blood viscosity.

We know that pig's hoof is very nutritious through the above explanation of what's good for eating pig's hoof frequently. Except for some people with special diseases who can't eat pig's hoof, ordinary people can only eat how much. For healthy women, they usually eat more pig's hooves, while for the elderly and children, they generally don't eat more, because it's not easy to digest and absorb. We say what to eat to make up for what, eat pig's hoof more is also very good for men.