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When is the Samsung Galaxy J8 released? How much is it

Samsung has previously announced that it will launch the galaxy J8 in India, a low-end phone for overseas markets. So when will the galaxy J8 be available in India? How about the configuration? How much is the price? Let's get to know each other.

Now the latest news, Samsung announced on twitter that the galaxy J8 will land in the Indian market on June 28, equipped with a snapdragon 450 processor + rear dual camera.

According to foreign media gsmarena, Samsung announced through Twitter: 'Samsung Galaxy J8 will be officially launched in India on June 28, offering three color schemes: blue, black and gold. "This phone can be understood as a reduced version of the galaxy A6 + with the mainstream 6-inch full screen design + rear Dual Camera + rear fingerprint identification design. Equipped with 6-inch super AMOLED screen, resolution 720p +, 14nm snapdragon 450 processor, built-in 4GB storage + 64GB storage combination; equipped with 16 million pixel camera in front, 16 million + 5 million pixel dual lens in back, built-in 3500mah battery capacity, pre installed Android 8.0 Oreo system.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy J8 can be seen as a product specially designed for the Indian market. The price is INR 18990, about 1800 yuan. If compared with the red rice mobile phone, the price performance of this mobile phone is not high.